Mental Disorders

Did you know that there are over 200 classified forms of mental disorders? We’re bringing to you a guide on various mental health disorders and how you can get help for them

ADHD In Women Why ADHD Symptoms Differ In Women

ADHD In Women: Why ADHD Symptoms Differ In Women?

According to a recent survey, women in the USA are highly concerned about their physical…

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Can Social Media Use Be Linked With Social Anxiety Symptoms?

In the last decade, we’ve seen social media revolutionize our way of communicating, sharing knowledge,…

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Can ADHD Affect Friendships? Explore The Surprising Link Between ADHD And Friendships

“Friendship is the comfort that comes from knowing that even when you feel all alone,…

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4 stages of OCD Cycle

The Four Stages of the OCD Cycle and How to Break Free

Do you find yourself in a seemingly never-ending cycle of intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors?…

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food guilt

Food Guilt – Why it happens and how to deal with it

Food guilt is a response that many of us experience after indulging in certain foods.…

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Learn To Focus Better With The Best Focus Music Playlists For ADHD Brains

Music is an art, one that can satisfy the artist and the one appreciating it…

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Songs Are Guaranteed To Reduce Anxiety

These 10 Scientifically-backed Songs Are Guaranteed To Reduce Anxiety

“One good thing about music, when it hits you, you feel no pain.” - Bob…

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10 Popular Myths About Depression BUSTED

A plethora of myths of depression tag along when the topic is brought up. The…

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PTSD Panic Attacks

PTSD Panic Attacks: What Are They and How to Deal With Them

A racing heartbeat, trembling limbs, and shallow breathing - can be challenging to cope with…

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