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Ways to take care of your child's mental health during cancer treatment

How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Mental Health During Cancer Treatment?

15th of February, every year, marks International Childhood Cancer Day. Today we will be talking…

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Don't Say Gay bill

Is ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill A Threat To The LGBTQ Youth’s Mental Health?

The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill is heavily talked about in the media, LGBTQ+ community and…

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February 2021

International Boost Self-Esteem Month 2024 : Build Up Your Self-Esteem

“Low self-esteem is like driving through life with your hand-break on.” - Maxwell Maltz If…

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Environmental Racism

What is Environmental Racism & How It Affects Us

What do toxic waste, poisoned water, stinky streets, and old electronic parts littering have in…

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Passive Scrolling leads to anxiety

Passive Scrolling On Social Media Linked To Anxiety, Stress, and Depression

Are you someone who endlessly scrolls on social media without even connecting through the content…

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Unknown Impact Of Chat Bots And AI On Mental Health

MH News: Unknown Impact Of Chat Bots And AI On Mental Health

Chat Bots and AI are in the news everywhere! And of course, these two terms…

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Dry January challenge

Dry January: The Benefits of This Challenge (And How to Succeed at it)

As we welcome 2023, there are celebrations all around the world, and even without it,…

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calmsage and mindfulnesscom giveaway & Announce a Giveaway For Stress Awareness Day 2022

Calm Sage, a popular online portal dedicated to mental health, has launched a giveaway contest…

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check-abusive-relationships iphone16

iOS 16 Safety Check: Apple’s Attempt At Making The World A Safe Place For All

Though, I try to keep myself away from digital devices for the sake of my…

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