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check-abusive-relationships iphone16

iOS 16 Safety Check: Apple’s Attempt At Making The World A Safe Place For All

Though, I try to keep myself away from digital devices for the sake of my…

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Don't Say Gay bill

Is ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill A Threat To The LGBTQ Youth’s Mental Health?

The ‘Don’t Say Gay’ Bill is heavily talked about in the media, LGBTQ+ community and…

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Why This Word Game Can Be Good For Our Brain Health

The “Wordle” Obsession: Why This Word Game Can Be Good For Our Brain Health

“Wordle” has taken the world by storm. In the last few weeks, this web-based word…

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News: Does Smoking Work As A Coping Mechanism?

There are a lot of campaigns going out around the globe for mental health awareness,…

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how video games affect mental health

Are Video Games Good For Your Mental Health?

If I ask you, “Are video games good for your mental health or not?” what…

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News: Poll Shows ‘Parents Don’t Think That Teens Will Discuss Mental Health’

How many times you have ended up in a conversation with your teen with no…

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Can a Blood Test Detect Your Mental Illnesses?

What is, in your knowledge, ‘blood tests’ used for? A physical health condition, right? You’ll…

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Prolonged Grief Disorder Recently Added To DSM-5: Understanding The Updates of DSM-5

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is known to be the standard…

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MH News: Mental Health Benefits of Collective Action

You might be wondering if collective actions are a communal thing then why am I…

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