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News: Does Smoking Work As A Coping Mechanism?

There are a lot of campaigns going out around the globe for mental health awareness,…

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how video games affect mental health

Are Video Games Good For Your Mental Health?

If I ask you, “Are video games good for your mental health or not?” what…

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News: Poll Shows ‘Parents Don’t Think That Teens Will Discuss Mental Health’

How many times you have ended up in a conversation with your teen with no…

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Can a Blood Test Detect Your Mental Illnesses?

What is, in your knowledge, ‘blood tests’ used for? A physical health condition, right? You’ll…

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Prolonged Grief Disorder Recently Added To DSM-5: Understanding The Updates of DSM-5

The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) is known to be the standard…

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MH News: Mental Health Benefits of Collective Action

You might be wondering if collective actions are a communal thing then why am I…

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Deal with Headline Anxiety

Tips To Handle Headline Anxiety As War Breaks Out In Europe

In these times of uncertainty…watching the news, scrolling down to social media, or reading the…

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Americans Considered Changing Jobs Lately

Why Have Americans Considered Changing Jobs Lately?

Well, everyone is aware that half of the Americans have resigned from their jobs recently.…

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Ways to take care of your child's mental health during cancer treatment

How To Take Care Of Your Child’s Mental Health During Cancer Treatment?

15th of February, every year, marks International Childhood Cancer Day. Today we will be talking…

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