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How to relax mind from stress, depression and anxiety

How To Relax Your Mind From Stress, Depression And Anxiety?

In a life full of hassle and personal troubles, a question that usually strikes all of us is; How to relax your mind! Obviously, your mental energy is...
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natutral remedies for depression

Natural Remedies For Depression: How Effective Are They?

Before planning to visit a psychiatrist for treatment of depression, many individuals wonder if there are natural remedies for depression that can be tried at home. Well, there...
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Therapies That Work Best For Depression

5 Therapies That Work Best For Depression

Depression is one of the most common mental health issues. There are different courses of treatment that are available for treating depression. Generally, therapy and medication are the...
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Worst Things to Say to Someone With Depression

Things You Should Never Say To Someone With Depression

Some statements are really inappropriate that they can again trigger the symptoms of depression in a person who is already fighting with depression. Sometimes, we unintentionally state some...
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Is Depression More Common In Females

Why Is Depression More Common In Females? Unveiling The Facts!

Various studies have widely depicted that twice as many women as men experience the symptoms of depression. However, these studies are mostly independent of ethnicity and race but...
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Mantras to wipe out the depression symptoms

Mantras To Wipe Out The Symptoms Of Depression

Self-help strategy teaches us to control your emotions, learn to cope with the negative thoughts, and embrace the positivity. Since ancient times, therapists have used mantras to calm...
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Foods That cause depression

Top 7 That Foods That Can Cause Depression or Make it Worse

When you are finding it hard to get enough sleep or even get out of bed because you are always tired. You keep thinking about negative things and...
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why people are more prone to depression

Why Some People Are More Prone To Depression Than Others

“I am depressed”, “I feel depressed”, “I think I have depression” are the phrases that I have been listening to many people. The said depression-related phrases got me...
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Smiling Depression

What Is Smiling Depression & Is It Possible To Be Depressed When Smiling?

Often depression is associated with sadness, anxiety, lethargy and despair but someone who is going through the phase understands the variety of emotions one feels during depression. What...
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