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Aayushi Kapoor April 5th, 2023 · 6min read

10 Ways to Deal with Possessiveness for a Happy Relationship

Have you asked yourself that the possessiveness you show towards your partner is good or not? Do you feel that your possessive nature is actually damaging your happy relationship? When I say possessive nature, it is totally not because of you, it is because of your nature or your past experiences.

And, believe me, the possessive nature can be changed and you can keep your partner happy like you have dreamed. I am sharing some of the best tips to remove jealousy and trust issues will be completely gone. Let’s get started.

Top 10 Ways to Stop Being  Possessive in any Relationship:

1. Complete removal of the past experiences

No matter if you have been lied or cheated before, but before entering into a new relationship, you should forget about your bad past experiences and move forward towards new moments and experiences. You need to understand that you cannot change the past; however, you can focus on your present and future. Therefore, you should completely remove your past experiences from your life to live a happy life with your partner.

2. Say no to overbear

The worry of losing your partner or if you feel your partner is not loyal towards you is really dangerous for your relationship. Therefore, in case you feel like your partner is doing something wrong to you or might have done something wrong with you. You really need to understand your partner’s side, wishes, and needs. Try to communicate and try to listen to your partner’s side.

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3. Live your life on your own terms

The best way to deal with possessiveness is to learn to live your life on your own terms. In the same manner, let your partner live on their own terms. Give them their space and let them grow. Do not make them suffocate with what they already have. Try to be supportive in terms of their growth and career.

4. Don’t let the monster kill you

Do not let Mr. Jealousy Monster kill you and your relationship. Whenever you feel jealous, talk about your fears and things with your partner. Remember, communication is the only key to make your relationship successful. Do not let the red-eyed monster, get inside you and kill you from the insecurities. Give yourself time and choose to stay quiet if you have anger issues along with possessive nature.

5. Be friends with each other

If you are in a new relationship or wants to be in a relationship, before the relationship and love try to become best friends with each other. Before getting into a thing, learn about likes, dislikes, and other associated stuff. Do not dwell in the past and let your partner know about your insecurities so that you can both work together for a better present and coming future.

6. Do not try to change anyone

After you both get along with each other, you might see some things which are not really according to you and after realizing this you might wish to change those habits of your partner.

In this situation, I strongly recommend you to be friends with a little bit of adjustment here. But remember one side adjustments are always fatal! Therefore, work together and make adjustments together. Do not do this alone, communicate, and take tiny steps together for a happy and bright present.

7. Identify the root cause

Whenever you caught your partner doing something or out of the core… before making your own assumptions, try to identify the root cause of their actions. Do not develop insecurities; talk it out and after identifying the root cause work in it together.

8. Trust, trust, and trust

The main ingredient of the successful relationship is only trust. And the fact is that possessive nature and trust do not get along well with each other and do not live in one house together. Therefore, introduce trust in your small little home, made of love and ask possessiveness to not come back again as it might destroy your little home of love.

9. Stop spying

From childhood, our parents have taught us that spying is not good. It’s ok if you have kept an eye on your partner’s emails and calendar but if you are still doing it and you are in total love with your partner. You should really stop this thing! If you really look forward to your partner, do not spy, I repeat never!

You can keep yourself while your partner is working on something or you can also support them by just making a simple coffee. In the meanwhile, understand their space and let them grow.

10. Communicate and talk about each other’s issue

I have really repeated the communication thing so many times that I really think you might have understood the requirement of communication in a happy relationship. Do not leave your partner in their low’s, be there and let them know that you are always available for them.

Additionally, if you feel insecure or possessive, talk it out and work together on it.

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A small message from the author

In the beginning, it might feel a little hard to completely remove possessive nature from your life. But, I really think that it is possible to remove it with time. Communication and trust are the two most important things which are going to help you for a better and happy relationship with your partner.

I really hope you two go well along with each other. Do not lose each other in the trap of possessiveness and deal with the possessiveness together.

Signing off!

Some General FAQs:-

Q1.What does overly possessive mean?

Extreme possessiveness towards your partner reflects you’re overly possessive for your partner. When you easily get jealous or always clingy it shows that you’re overly possessive with your partner which is not really good sign for your relationship

Q2 .What causes possessiveness in a relationship?

Possessiveness is completely based on your growing and learning procedure. Possessiveness can be inherited. If it’s not from your parents, it is probably caused by some past issues or something really bad which caused someone to behave like this. 

Q3. How do you overcome possessiveness?

There are so many ways to deal with possessiveness which are already covered in this blog. on my personal experiences and learning, I think complete removal of past experiences and trusting each other fully can help you in overcoming possessiveness in your relationship.

Q4. What are the signs of insecurity and possessiveness?

Most common signs of possessiveness or insecurity in a relationship are clinginess, no trust at all, spying, pouting at each and every thing, no personal space, and sharing so much on social media about your relationship. 

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