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Coping With Loneliness And Overthinking While In Quarantine

Podcast Ep.12 – Coping With Loneliness And Overthinking While In Quarantine

COVID-19 has changed the way we used to live our lives and while you are practicing self isolation and social distancing there maybe times when you might feel...
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8 Dimensions Of Wellness | The Wellness Model of Health

Wellness comes with activeness of various extents around that make one complete within self. Having 8 dimensions of wellness ensures good health, balanced emotions, higher quality of life...
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Best Stress Relieving Games : Online & Offline

We all face stress or anxiety in our daily lives. Anxiety can happen to anyone be it a working employee, students, or house making wives. When we say...
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Ways to Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

10 Ways to Breaking the Stigma of Mental Health

How often do you recommend someone with a common cold and cough to visit a general physician? Almost every time! Now, ask yourself how often do you recommend...
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COVID-19 LockDown Guide: Being Your Child’s Guiding Light

With a list of things going viral on social media in the midst of the Corona Virus outbreak, one such picture that has gained my attention is a...
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Help Kids Cope with Stress During Quarantine

During this tough time, not only parents but kids are also suffering from stress and mental trauma. We are busy with our own problems but they are also...
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21 Best Mental Health Books

21 Best Mental Health Books of All Time

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Therefore, Calm Sage will be highlighting Mental Health Awareness in May. When it comes to reading books for mental health, there are...
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How to Sanitize Your Groceries During the COVID-19 Outbreak

The whole world is suffering due to the COVID-19 outbreak and as a precautionary measure; the government has announced the shutdown of all the supermarkets, offices, schools, restaurants,...
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How to Stay Energetic Throughout

How to Stay Energetic Throughout the Day During Quarantine

The whole world is trying to fight Covid-19 and taking precautionary measures as directed by the government and health organizations. Different countries are taking diverse measures to prevent...
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