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can laughing cure depression

Can Laughter Therapy Beat Depression?

It might sound ironically funny, but ‘Laughter Therapy’ actually improves well-being by releasing your stress and pain. Giggling quietly while watching TV or movies to laughing out loud...
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How To Optimize Instagram For Your Mental Wellness

How To Optimize Instagram For Your Mental Wellness | Little Secrets For You

Social Media! An invention to make life easy for people around the globe by connecting them with their loved ones and with like-minded people. But if you look...
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Stress Vs. Anxiety: The Basic Difference That You Need To Know

Which out of the two phrases are you likely to use if you encounter a situation that disturbs your emotional equilibrium? “I am so stressed” or “I feel...
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Depressed After A Break-up

Depressed After A Break-up? | Tips To Cope With Post-Break Up Depression

“There is an ocean of silence between us… and I am drowning in it.” - Ranata Suzuki No breakup is ever easy. The end of any relationship can...
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mental health and wellbeing of 2020

Mental Health And Wellbeing 2020 In Review | Everything You Need To Know

Year 2020!  This phrase is likely to bring different emotions to everyone. This year has definitely been a roller-coaster ride for all in terms of emotions, finances, relationships,...
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Best resolutions according to therapists

80+ Best Mental-Health Related Resolutions To Hustle In 2021

Getting a car, losing weight, getting into shape, having your own space, attending that music show, having long hair, learning cooking, getting married or engaged, finding a partner...
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Signs & Prevention Tips Of A Depression Relapse

Signs & Prevention Tips Of A Depression Relapse

“There are wounds that never show on the body that are deeper and more hurtful than anything that bleeds.” - Laurell K. Hamilton If this quote doesn’t quite...
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Tips for dealing with sibling rivalry

8 Effective Tips To Deal With Sibling Rivalry

Sibling rivalry takes place from childhood and if not stopped or counseled on time it can really turn into a bad dream. To begin with, if your children...
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New Year, New Start Ways To Start Fresh In 2021

New Year, New Start! Ways To Start Fresh In 2021

The beginning of every new year brings new opportunities and challenges along with it. This new decade began on a rocky road but it doesn’t have to continue...
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