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night owl Vs early bird

Night Owls V/S Early Birds: Who Is Better?

Key Points There are three types of chronotypes which are classified by the preferred sleeping pattern (morning, afternoon and night) Morning and night are the most common chronotypes...
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Stages of adjustment to disability

Stages Of Adjustment To Disability I How To Cope With Newly Formed Disability?

Disability only becomes a problem when you see it that way. The most difficult part is to adjust to the new way of life. There are around 4...
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What Are The Elements Of Mental health? How Do They Boost Our Well-being

The elements of life are all we need to sustain a happy and healthy life. Your health is important to you and the four components of mental health...
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understand martyr complex

What Is Martyr Complex? How Is It Different From Victim Mentality?

We all have that one person we know who can't stop themselves from doing something for others and end up being troubled all the time. It’s possible that...
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Is Lovesickness Real

Is Lovesickness Real? Here Are The Signs Of Being LoveSick (And How You Can Cure It)

"Love is a fire. But whether it is going to warm your hearth or burn down your house, you can never tell." - Joan Crawford Love, when all...
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do Learning Disability impact children

What Is Learning Disability? How Does It Affect Your Child’s Mental Health?

Learning disability has become a part of many children’s lives. Sometimes children and their parents don't even realise that the child is suffering from a learning disability. Does...
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Why am I so sensitive and cry easily

Why Do I Cry So Easily? Understanding Your Sensitive Side

During the global pandemic i have heard so many people complain about how easily they start crying even on the slightest of things.  Have you been oversensitive too...
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Habits to Boost Your Mood Instantly

11 Daily Habits to Boost Your Mood Instantly| Start Them NOW

Let us start with a small activity! Close your eyes and think of habits that put down your mood. Try to count them. Once you have a count...
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Emotional numbness

Emotional Numbness: The Feeling of Being Empty and Numb Within

When we face difficult life situations or challenges we often find ourselves feeling empty and numb with questions like “why do I feel so empty inside” or “why...
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