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Pressure points for anxiety relief

7 Pressure Points To Relieve Stress And Anxiety

Acupressure is an ancient Chinese therapy to relieve stress, reduce anxiety and improve mood. It could be considered as a home remedy and can be incorporated in daily...
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5 Ways On How To Stay Motivated During Depression or Anxiety

Come out from the clutches of stress while struggling with depression. We are here! Talk To Us!    Depression or anxiety can tag along with anyone for any...
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Depression vs Anxiety | Know the Difference Between Both

“I feel irritated” “I have lost my appetite” “I am eating a lot”  Am I showing signs of depression? Or wait… Are these signs of anxiety? It is...
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Jobs for people with social anxiety disorder

Finding Jobs For People With Social Anxiety? Here’re 10 Recommendations

Social anxiety or social phobia is a condition where the person feels nervous around people and not able to express themselves openly. This emotional discomfort sometimes triggers anxiety and...
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How to deal with separation anxiety

Best Ways to Handle Separation Anxiety Disorder in Adults & Children

Can you track back to the times when you were little and your parents first went to drop you off at school or left you at your grandparent's...
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How Can Severe Anxiety Affect

How Can Severe Anxiety Affect and Bring Changes in Your Body?

Anxiety is one of the most common conditions that we all face multiple times in our lives. On minimal levels, anxiety and stress are considered good and beneficial...
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How to help someone with anxiety

How to Help Someone with Anxiety? Your Complete Guide

We always wish to be there for our loved ones and be their backbone. Especially during their difficult times we feel more concerned and seek to help them...
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Top 20 Songs To Help With Depression and Anxiety

Studies have proven that listening to the right music can certainly alleviate depression if you are ready to let it go. Yes, there could be signs of depression...
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best depression and anxiety quotes

81 Best Depression And Anxiety Quotes To Cherish Your Mood

Depression comes with a number of feelings that certainly turn the mood down and we are in need of various methods to uplift ourselves. From good music to...
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