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The 5-4-3-2-1 Mindfulness Tool to Deal With Your Anxiety| Learn it NOW

We all can relate with the fact that we tend to face anxiety every now and then. Deadline is approaching anxiety, swipes in, have an important exam or...
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An Overview of Generalized Anxiety Disorder: DSM-5

Have you ever heard statements like “I was always patient before, now I am unable to relax constantly!” from your loved ones, family members, or friends? If I...
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How to Deal With Social Anxiety at Work?

In this blog, we will discuss ways for dealing with social anxiety at work. This blog is correlated with our previous blog “What is social anxiety or social...
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What is Social Anxiety or Social Phobia? Causes and Symptoms

We understand the feeling of being uncomfortable or nervous in a social situation. Walking in a room full of strangers or public speaking is sometimes thrilling, but not...
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14 Best Foods That Help To Reduce Anxiety

“Eat to fuel your body not to fuel your emotions”  The connection between food and the brain is significant. The variety of food we eat affects how we...
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Change Your Mindset And Reduce Anxiety-2

Top 6 Mindset That Help You to Reduce Anxiety

It is often difficult for people to work along with anxiety. When it starts hampering your day to day task, you look around for solutions. There are certain...
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Pollution And Mental Health| How These Two Are Related and Why It Should Concern You

If you hear the word “Pollution” what are the first few things that are likely to come to your mind. Environment, life, hazardous impact on your physical health,...
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Is Staying Busy Your Coping Mechanism

Is ‘Staying Busy’ Your Coping Mechanism?

“I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn't find the time to do it.” - Todd Stocker The art of staying busy all...
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Everything You Need To Know About Spirituality Therapy

Spirituality therapy is not only limited to mental wellness, it also works on physical health. Clearing all the confusion, spirituality therapy is not related to religion. You really...
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