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Is Depression More Common In Females

Why Is Depression More Common In Females? Unveiling The Facts!

Various studies have widely depicted that twice as many women as men experience the symptoms of depression. However, these studies are mostly independent of ethnicity and race but...
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why people are more prone to depression

Why Some People Are More Prone To Depression Than Others

“I am depressed”, “I feel depressed”, “I think I have depression” are the phrases that I have been listening to many people. The said depression-related phrases got me...
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Top 15 Inspirational Movies To Fight Depression

Hey fellas! If you are feeling low or your mind is bogging down with stressed thoughts, some of the motivational movies may let you deviate your thought process....
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How to Deal With Overthinking

How to Deal With Overthinking? Try these 10 Effective Ways

Yesterday, my friends and I were discussing our lives and suddenly we started talking about how we engage ourselves in overthinking and fail to stop it. That’s when...
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What Are The Effects Of Depression On Human Body?

Depression is a mental health disorder that swings the mood of a person and brings hopelessness, sadness, and despair. There are various signs and symptoms of depression that...
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