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5 PTSD Treatment Techniques For Your Well-Being

Although you might have researched about effective coping strategies to cure PTSD at home, it is recommended that you look for professional PTSD treatment. PTSD occurs within victims...
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myths vs fact bipolar disorder

7 Myths And Facts About Bipolar Disorder | How-To Help

When someone says ‘bipolar disorder’ our mind automatically conjures up an image of a person ecstatic one moment and sad the next. Pop culture and misrepresentations in the...
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Discover and Recover your Inner Self with Art Therapy

Discover and Recover your Inner Self with Art Therapy

This blog includes: What is Art Therapy? Mental Health-Related Benefits of Art Therapy Who can practice Art Therapy? For some people art is creativity, but for some art...
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Dating someone with bipolar disorder

Bipolar Disorder And Romantic Relationships | Support Your Partner

Dating and relationships let a person flow in a roller coaster ride where emotions, love, fight, and thought of being together forever combined. However, adding bipolar disorder could...
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Bipolar Disorder Signs and Symptoms

What is Bipolar Disorder | Signs and Symptoms | Test and Treatment

We all get mood swings from time to time, right? But sometimes those mood swings could be a symptom of a psychological disorder. Bipolar disorder, not unheard of,...
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Signs you should never ignore nervous breakdown

15 Signs Of A Nervous Breakdown That Should Not Be Avoided

We all experience a nervous breakdown once in a while. While few of us identify it and deal with it effectively many fail to identify it. If these...
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ADHD myths debunked

Debunking These Common Myths About ADHD Is An Absolute Urgency!

As per the National Alliance Of Mental Illness (NAMI), more than 9 percent of children and 4 percent of adults are diagnosed with Attention Deficiency Hyperactivity Disorder or...
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How Social Media Affects Mental Health And Causes Depression

Social media platforms can affect your mental health do you know how? In this digital age, people depend more on social media than on any other form of...
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Understand Types Of Depression Now & Get Healed!

When depression is talked about, let’s say that there are various types of depression. From mild to severe, every depression type has its own treatment and therapy. In...
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