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Organized Home Organized Mind

Organized Home Organized Mind: Tips For Stress Relief

“Home is where the heart is”; this phrase resonates a sense of belongingness within our minds and heart. Home is where we come at the end of the...
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Myths and Facts associated with PTSD

Myths And Facts Associated With Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)

While researching and studying mental health disorders, I found that people are confused between Post-traumatic Stress disorder and acute stress disorder. Though, the explanation and definitions around the...
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Fight-or-Flight | Understanding Your Stress Response

Stress is a very common response to troublesome situations. When stress becomes too much it can manifest itself as mental and physical illnesses. Not being able to manage stress...
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Emotional stress of infertility

Emotional Stress Of Infertility: It’s Tough But Here’s How To Cope Up With It

Infertility could be emotionally traumatizing for both men as well as women. Dealing with infertility depression is as stressful as depression due to chronic pain or terminal illnesses,...
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How to use calligraphy for mindfulness

How Mindful Calligraphy Works As a Stress Reliever

Every weekend I try something new and last weekend I didn’t find anything attractive to do. Therefore, I simply took a piece of paper and started writing a...
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International stress awareness day

International Stress Awareness Day 2020 | Why Talking About Stress Matters

“The greatest weapon against stress is our ability to choose one thought over another.” - William James Every person has once in their life experienced stress and anxiety...
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How to Deal with Stress on the Job

Workplace Wellness | How to Deal with Stress on the Job

The work environment in 2020 has taken a weird turn. Many corporations have asked their employees to work from home but even with that, the stress of the...
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Best Relaxation Exercises For You to Try

Best Relaxation Techniques To Combat Stress, Anxiety, and More

Stress… stress everywhere!!! Not a single sigh of relief! If you can relate with this statement then it is time to let the stress go away and try...
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How to relax mind from stress, depression and anxiety

How To Relax Your Mind From Stress, Depression And Anxiety?

In a life full of hassle and personal troubles, a question that usually strikes all of us is; How to relax your mind! Obviously, your mental energy is...
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