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Swarnakshi Sharma

Swarnakshi is a content writer at Calm sage, who believes in a healthier lifestyle for mind and body. A fighter and survivor of depression, she strives to reach and help spread awareness on ending the stigma surrounding mental health issues. A spiritual person at heart, she believes in destiny and the power of Self. She is an avid reader and writer and likes to spend her free time baking and learning about world cultures.

Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults

Wilderness Therapy For Young Adults: What Is It, Techniques, Benefits & More

An experiential form of therapy where outdoor and nature experiences meet therapy is referred to as wilderness therapy. Wilderness therapy offers an opportunity to young adults to increase...
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Biggest Relationship Deal Breakers

The 10+ Biggest Relationship Deal Breakers & Red-Flags You Should Never Ignore!

When we consider a new relationship with a new partner, there are things we wish for, right? But do you consider the relationship deal breakers? A deal-breaker in...
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Best Meditation Apps

10 Best Meditation Apps To Help You Find Your Calm & Relax

Meditation is a practice that we all have been advised to do since our childhood, but do we do it? No, not really. Why? Because of our busy...
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How To Find The Right Therapist for Your Teen

How To Find The Right Therapist for Your Teen

Finding the right therapist for your teen can be tough and overwhelming but there are psychologists that work especially with teenagers. Teenagers have all kinds of problems they...
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Common Family Problems

7 Most Common Family Problems And What To Do To Resolve Those Issues

Family is life, they are everything we need when we’re in trouble or we just need support. Family is the one that has our back and the one...
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Emotional Intelligence

6 Interesting Facts About Emotional Intelligence (EQ) You Should Know!

Emotional intelligence is the innate ability to channel our emotions and apply them to our daily lives. In this article, I’ve compiled for you some interesting facts about...
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Silencing Your Inner Critic

6 Ways To Silencing Your Inner Critic and Be Nicer to Yourself

We all have that inner critic that speaks up when we are struggling. Sometimes that voice can boost our confidence and other times, it can make us feel...
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Children To Be Assertive

How To Teach Your Children To Be Assertive | Benefits & Assertiveness Activities For Kids

Childhood, one of the most impressionable times in an individual’s life. An age where a child models their personality, grows emotionally, and learns basic communication styles. Teaching children...
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Empathy Deficit Disorder

All You Need To Know About Empathy Deficit Disorder

Talking about putting ourselves in someone else’s shoes might be easy but actually doing it might not be as easy for some people. Empathy is the ability that...
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Debunking Myths About Schizophrenia

10 Common Myths and Facts About Schizophrenia

Schizophrenia is one of the most commonly misunderstood and stigmatized mental illnesses. In this article, I’ve combined some interesting facts about schizophrenia. According to the National Institute of...
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