Calm Sage and BetterHelp Come Together This Mental Health Awareness Month

Last Update on February 28, 2024 : Published on May 23, 2022
Calm Sage and betterhelp

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Calm Sage, one of the growing mental health communities working towards changing the way individuals think & act about problems, has recently announced a collaboration with one of the leading online therapy platforms BetterHelp to provide online therapy at a low cost.

With this collaboration, users can access therapy features such as:

1. Online unlimited messaging with a licensed professional.
2. Weekly live video sessions, phone sessions, and chat sessions at a discounted rate.
3. Access to group sessions, digital worksheets, and more.

BetterHelp offers access to over 25,000 licensed and experienced psychologists, family therapists, social workers, and licensed counselors. To raise awareness of mental health this May Mental Health Awareness Month, Calm Sage and BetterHelp have come together to make therapy more accessible.

“To help our readers maintain a healthy mental and emotional well-being, we are happy to announce this collaboration between Calm Sage and one of the leading mental health therapy platforms, BetterHelp. We sincerely hope that with this collaboration and push towards getting the right mental health support, our readers will take the action in nurturing their overall health and well-being,” said Mr. Shrishail Rana, CEO, Founder.

“Calm Sage is more than just a traditional self-help blog. Through this platform, we aim to address important and effective action plans for recovery. We want our audience to feel that they can overcome their life challenges. Therefore, to help our audience make the right choice and get the right professional help, we believe that this collaboration will help them not only address their challenges but also promote positivity and overall well-being,” said Mr. Shashank Rana, Vice-President.

About Calm Sage:

Calm Sage is a growing community working towards changing the way individuals think & act about problems related to Mental Health. Managed by the current generation, it’s a dedicated project to help people calm their minds & heal their lives through motivational words, graphics, podcasts, & open discussions.

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