Is ‘Staying Busy’ Your Coping Mechanism?

“I wanted to figure out why I was so busy, but I couldn't find the time to do it.” - Todd Stocker The art of staying busy all the time looks like hard work, doesn’t it? In truth, many peopl...

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Facts About Depression You Should Know

There are times when you feel hopeless and extreme sadness that prevents you from living your best life. This feeling of hopelessness can also be a symptom of depression. Depression, though a treatabl...

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Justin Bieber & His Courage To Stand For Mental Health Treatments

Dark storms can hit anyone’s smooth life and Justin Bieber was no exception in the state. From ‘Baby Baby’ to ‘Yummy Yummy’, this young talented singer earned a huge number of fan following....

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What Is Double Depression: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Double depression, as the name suggests, is a psychiatric condition when two specific types of depression coexist and even overlap with each other. Double depression may become chronic, longstanding a...

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How To Set Healthy Boundaries For Yourself & Keep Your Energy Intact

“Your personal boundaries protect the inner core of your identity and your right to choices.” --Gerard Manley Hopkins Setting boundaries for yourself is a form of self-care but not many of us und...

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What Is Functional Depression? Signs, Symptoms & Treatment

Many of us believe that depression makes us bedridden, completely changes our eating or sleeping habits and doesn’t let us undertake essential tasks. But it isn’t completely true. Depression has m...

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ADHD: How To Avoid Procrastination & Prioritize Goals

We all procrastinate. The tendency of delaying the tasks for tomorrow may help calming down the overwhelming feeling that surrounds most of us. It is also possible that you want to gather more energy ...

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Self-improvement Guide: Living with someone with depression

Living with bad mental health and living with someone with depression are two completely different scenarios. Living with a depressed partner or spouse puts everyone in a painful and difficult situati...

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What it’s like inside a Depressed Person’s Head

As far as researched and observed, the experience of depression is different for different personalities. It is not like depressive symptoms are always the same for everyone, depressive symptoms do va...

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