Autism is a broad spectrum characterized by difficulties with social skills, speech, and communication. Our posts are here to help you understand the broad spectrum of ASD.

Autism In Teens

Autism In Teens: What You Need To Look For & How To Support Your Teenager With ASD

Parents watch their toddler grow into a tween with anticipation but when their tween turns…

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Aspergers Syndrome

Asperger’s Syndrome: What Is It, Its Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And More

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a broad term that can shelter many types of autism…

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Is Autism Overdiagnosed? This Is What Studies Suggest

What we know (or knew) about Autism has changed. In the last few years, the…

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How-Early-Diagnosis Autism-Is-Helpful

How Early Diagnosis & Treatment Of Autism Is Helpful?

Recent research by Harvard Medical School in Boston said that fetal MRI scans can find…

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Levels of Autism

What are The Three Levels of Autism? Understanding Them in Detail

In 2013 when DSM-5 was published and a major change in how children with autism…

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High Functioning Autism vs. Low Functioning Autism

High Functioning Autism vs. Low Functioning Autism (Everything You Need To Know)

If you have read about autism or if you ever spiked a conversation with someone…

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