9 Ways to Cope With Intrusive Thoughts

Intrusive thoughts are among the many other types of thoughts that we have in our…

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Defend Yourself Against Gaslighting

6 Effective Ways To Defend Yourself Against Gaslighting

One of the most common manipulation tactics, gaslighting is used by people to gain control…

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“It’s All My Fault” | Why You Blame Yourself For Everything And How to Stop

Many of us experience this constant sense of self-blame, where we feel responsible for everything…

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Understanding Loss Aversion Bias (With 5 Practical Tips to Overcome It)

It will be fair to say that there have been times in your life when…

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Attention-Seeking Behavior

“I need attention”- How To Stop Attention-Seeking Behavior?

Almost all of us have witnessed attention-seeking behavior in our life… but have you ever…

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why- do people-bully

8 Common Reasons Why People Bully: Understanding The Other Side

Bullying is an increasing and common issue that we all have experienced or witnessed at…

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The Psychology Of Apophenia

The Psychology Of Apophenia: Does Finding Meaning In Every Instance Usual?

We often ask, “Does everything happen for a reason?” Well, let us understand by digging…

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Understanding The Psychology Of Shame: Dangerous Or Concealing?

We often feel dishonoured, worthless, immoral, or improper… all these feelings are connected to one…

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How Self-Determination Theory Influences Motivation

How Self-Determination Theory Influences Motivation?

What makes you a self-determined person? Is your motivation also driven by the fact that…

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