The Psychology Of Feeling Ignored & How To Stop Feeling Ignored

Last Update on December 8, 2023 : Published on December 9, 2023

There was a time when I felt like I was being ignored by everyone I love or care for! Curious, I asked why everyone was ignoring me or why I felt like I was being ignored by everyone.

Well, in order to understand the responses, I got through a psychologist, it’s important to learn the psychology behind feeling ignored constantly. In this blog, we will be taking a deep look at what it means to feel ignored and how to stop feeling ignored. So, let’s get started! 

Why Am I Always Feeling Ignored?

In normal social settings, following up, circling back, or having open-ended conversations is a normal thing. However, when these factors do not show up in a relationship, we often feel ignored. Such feelings also result in being unheard.

For example, suppose you’ve asked a friend to go shopping with you, they have put you on hold and they didn’t reply back for hours. Now what? You’ll feel ignored or invisible, and such feelings can take a lot of tolls on your mental health. 

Psychologically, feeling ignored can trigger the part of the brain that stands for physical pain. Scientifically, this term is referred to as ostracism which means you’re being excluded or ignored from a social setting.

While, the fact is that the people who are ignoring you, do not even know that they are doing so. Maybe they are busy somewhere or maybe they are not available in a network area. 

You never know what’s actually going on behind. Still, psychologically, we perceive that we are being excluded or ignored and this feeling has its own psychological consequences. The feeling of being ignored makes us so sad because it underlines the basic psychological needs of humans. 

Additionally, research also shows that most people feel ignored at least once a day. Psychologists revealed that one important key to managing ostracism or stopping feeling ignored is to understand its psychology and work on yourself. 

How To Stop Feeling Ignored? 

At Work 

1. Work on your body language:

If you’re feeling ignored at work, you might need to work on your body language to tune in with people. For example, if you sit cross-armed, it might give others a sign that you don’t want to connect. Therefore, work on your body language and treat everyone with kindness. 

2. Replace “I” with “Us”:

The main reason why some people ignore us is because we don’t speak to listen and this makes a lot of difference. Therefore, whenever you get into a conversation with someone at work, replace “I” with “us” or “we” and notice positive changes instantly. 

3. Focus on the Brightside:

It’s a fact that when we join a workplace, we join to reach our goals, get a promotion, or whatever the reason. We don’t join jobs to make connections. However, connections still play a major part in our job. Therefore, find the right balance between the two phrases and communicate, expect, and reflect accordingly. 

4. Be clear with your purpose:

There’s a thing called personal life and professional life, therefore, always maintain the difference between the two and avoid keeping personal expectations in a professional setting. Be there to reach your goals! 

In Personal Life

1. Focus on the similarities:

If you’re constantly feeling ignored by a loved one, your partner, your sibling, a close friend, or anyone important to you, it might be happening due to the different personalities you both have. Therefore, focus on similarities and focus on being matched by your similar choices. 

2. Listen actively:

As I mentioned above, sometimes, we speak and don’t listen which brings a lot of negative differences in our relationships. Therefore, whenever you’re in a conversation with a loved one, listen actively and reflect so that they can also feel visible, heard, and attended. 

3. Be mindful:

Do you look interested when you’re in a conversation with someone? Are you distracted by other things? Well, if that’s the case, you need to be more attentive, mindful, and positive while in a conversation with someone so that they can also be attentive when you speak. 

4. Control what’s controllable:

When it comes to dating, we focus on things that are not controllable instead of focusing on things that can actually work. If you’re feeling ignored by your dating partner, it might be happening because you’re focusing too much on things that can’t be controlled. Think about them and act accordingly. 

In a Social Setting 

1. Regulate your emotions:

Everyone you talk to is not your close friend and of course, they cannot understand your emotions easily as your loved ones do. Therefore, while in a social setting, talk appropriately and be in charge of your emotions. If you’re feeling ignored, don’t expect from them, instead, understand your value and be present at a place wherein you feel heard and visible. 

2. Be the energy of the group:

If you constantly feel ignored in a group dynamic, focus on your body language, treat everyone with kindness, and be the energy of the group so that everyone can understand your worth and values. Additionally, this will also help in improving your self-esteem and confidence. 

3. Speak your feelings out:

Sometimes, we think of something else and speak something else because we fear being judged or mistreated. If you want to keep that relationship intact, speak your feelings out and never shy away from having open and honest communication with your loved ones. 

4. Choose the right time to talk:

Sometimes, we feel ignored due to our own insecurities or past experiences. Meanwhile, we ignore other reasons. In such cases, focus on other’s reasons too, and choose the right time to talk. 

Prolonged effects of being ignored can be a lack of self-esteem, lack of control, lack of sense of belonging, and lack of existence. Therefore, it’s important to work on yourself, work on your basic needs, and regain the sense of belonging that has been threatened by such feelings. 

I hope this blog helps you understand why being ignored triggers and how to stop feeling ignored. Comment down and share your views on the same or you can also write to us at Calm Sage.

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Thanks for reading! 

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