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How Do I Know If I’m Being Too Hard On Myself

Sometimes I find myself being too hard on myself. I literally have to ask myself why am I being so hard on myself? Is it really necessary to be so harsh? And the answer always is No, I don't need to b...

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Why Is Self-Discovery Important? Here Are 5 Benefits Of Self-Discovery

What is self-discovery to you? To me self-discovery is not just about getting to know your temperament. Self-discovery is very important for you to understand your goals and purpose in life, who are y...

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Learning To Forgive: 7 Steps Of Forgiveness

To forgive and forget is what we all have learned in school. But is it really easy to forgive someone so quickly? And how do you manage to forget about the pain and suffering that we have to bear? ...

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10+ Best Self-Help Books Every Woman Should Read In 2021!

When I step into a bookstore, the “Self-Help” section is the last place I want to be and while I agree that self-help books aren’t the most sought out, they are the ones that can make you feel i...

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Are You Focusing On Others Way Too Much? Here’s How To Bring The Focus Back To Yourself

Focus is one thing that has the ability to turn tables on you. If you focus on yourself, you’ll eventually grow whereas, if your focus is on others, your personal growth may be hindered. Therefore, ...

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Emotional Triggers For Empaths: What Are They (And How To Avoid Them)

If you’ve ever been called a highly sensitive person, an attentive listener, and someone with an empathetic heart, then you might be considered as an “empath”. An empath is a great friend and...

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Everything You Need To Know About Emotions Contagious

Do you cry watching an emotionally tragic movie? If yes, that’s a perfect example of emotional contagion. I will tell you how…while watching a tragic movie you relate with the emotions and even if...

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10 Thanksgiving Self-Care Tips To Improve Your Well-Being This Holiday Season!

Thanksgiving is a very special holiday with a very special meaning behind the celebration - gratitude. The purpose of this holiday is simple but holds a great appeal. As the holiday season approaches,...

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11 Daily Habits to Boost Your Mood Instantly| Start Them NOW

Let us start with a small activity! Close your eyes and think of habits that put down your mood. Try to count them. Once you have a count of them, open your eyes. Now, have a sip of water. Close your...

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