Top 7 Colors to Bring Positivity in Your Home This Year

Last Update on May 3, 2024 : Published on March 4, 2021

Colors are one of the easiest ways to bring positivity in your home. However, we have observed that working with colors is tricky. Therefore, we are making it easy for you to find the positive colors for the home according to Feng Shui.

Colors bring harmony and positivity in your life.”

All you have to do is coordinate with your lighting system and surround yourself with some peaceful decorating items or small plants that bring positivity. Below mentioned tips and tricks will help you to find the right color for the creation of good energy.

peaceful paint colors

These positive colors can be used for decorating your home, bedroom, living room for specially enhancing their positive energy.

According to Chinese beliefs, bad base colors may attract diseases, heartbreaks, and waste of money. Through this blog, we are some positive colors to bring positivity to your home but let’s understand first what is Color Psychology?

What is Color Psychology?

Color psychology is the science of colors related to human behavior. The aim of color psychology is the determination of the impact of colors in our day-to-day life and decision. It’s all about which positive color attracts us, which color compels us to buy something, and which positive color makes us calm and positive about our life.

However, the why part in color psychology is complicated. Some colors have different meanings and impacts on our life. Despite less research and studies, color psychology is growing rapidly in art, marketing, designing, and other areas. These positive colors also have different effects on us like moods, behaviors, and feelings.

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7 Positive Energy Colors for Home and Their Effect:

1. Yellow

Shades of yellow are associated with communication, self-esteem, and power. Overall, yellow is a positive color for home par excellence.

If you’re considering painting your home  “pale yellow”, go for it, it is counted as a positive color for the home. As pale yellow looks welcoming and cheery. Light shades of yellow are good for homework tables for your children, they have the power to increase memory and concentration levels.

According to Feng Shui, yellow belongs to the fire element which relates with the ultimate source of positive energy from the sun. You can use the shades of yellow to ensure flexibility, adaptability, and clarity in your home.

Psychological Effects of Yellow Color:

  • Reflects sunshine
  • Evokes feelings of positivity, optimism, happiness, and summer
  • Also related with a carefree lifestyle

Yellow - positive colours for home

2. Red

Red is one of the quickest colors our brain reads. Shades of red are associated with energy, strength, and fascination. Hence, some light shades of red are associated with positivity. Red stimulates our organs, provides perfect harmony, and stimulates appetite. But, be careful when choosing the shade of red, as more dark shade can divert its beneficial effects. Choosing a light shade of red can bring positivity in our bedroom or living room.

According to Feng Shui:

red is related with the fire element, therefore, you can use this color on the walls of dining room, living room, kitchen etc. Red is a powerful color, therefore, do not use this shade as a dominant shade specifically in bedrooms.

Red is a color of  high energy and passion, so, you can use red when you’re feeling low or tired. Combine red with calm colors to have more beneficial effects. They can form the best combination of positive colors in home.

Psychological Effects of Red Color:

  • Captures attention
  • Associated with passion, energy, excitement, danger, and action
  • The most intense color used to reflect the strongest emotions
  • Used for “call to action”
  • Encourages us to do better

Red a happy color palette

3. Purple

Purple is a combination of fire red and calm blue which makes purple a perfect color to bring positivity in home. Purple is used for the generation of meditation and spirituality.

Purple creates a perfect atmosphere for quiet introspection. Violet is a perfect shade for an adult’s bedroom. If you are thinking about painting your walls violet, we suggest you choose light shades like lavender, purple can be used for great positivity in the bedroom especially when the calming environment is required. You can use purple in the bedroom for a restful and soothing sleep.

Psychological Effects of Purple Color:

  • Royal color
  • Connected with luxury, power, nobility, spirituality, and wisdom
  • When overused at home, it can cause frustration
  • Overuse is reflected as arrogant.

purple best color to attract positive energy

4. Green

Shades of green are considered a fresh color, related to fertility, and considered anti-stress. Green soothes stress, it is good for the bathroom, veranda and kitchen, hence light green shades and their combinations are the best positive color for the home. Additionally, green is associated with the wood element and has qualities of healing stress and depression. Therefore, green is the ideal color to bring positivity to the home.

Psychological Effects of Green Color:

  • Connected with nature and money
  • Also related with health, fertility, and generosity
  • Also carries negative relations like envy

green one of the positive colour for home

5. Pink

Pink is the color of affection and love. Pink brings harmony and peace. Pink is the only shade that is loved by all, especially little girls. It makes the mood cheery and happy. According to Feng Shui, pink is the fire element. It creates a calm environment that fades away the problem of sleeping. So, if you’re thinking of painting your place as pink, we suggest selecting light shades of pink. Light shades of pink with a combination of white is the ultimate positive color choice for your bedroom or living room.

Psychological Effects of Pink Color:

  • Attracts females
  • Associated with playfulness, immaturity, femininity, and unconditional love
  • Brings positivity when used in light shades
  • Dark shades can cause irritation sometimes

pink - positive vibe color for love

6. White

White is the synthesis of all colors which symbolizes neutrality, purity, and innocence. According to Feng Shui, white belongs to the metal element. Do not opt for a grey-ish shade, as it may result in a drop in energy and mood. Hence, always select a lighter shade of white or pale white for enhancing positivity at home. Shades of whites can be used as a positive color for the entire home

Psychological Effects of White Color:

  • White is associated with goodness, innocence, humility, and cleanliness.
  • It brings peace and calm to the home
  • Negative impacts of white color are cold and sterility

color for peaceful vibe

7. Blue

Blue is considered a cold color, the color of serenity and calm. The sedative effect of blue makes it an ideal color for the bathroom and bedroom because it is related to hygiene and health. According to Feng Shui, shades of blue are associated with the regulation of negativity. It reduces tension and stress in life. If you go through “50 moods a day” avoid too much blue. As blue is related to mood swings, you can always opt for light shades for enhancing positivity at home.

Psychological Effects of Blue Color:

  • Related with sea and sky
  • It also reflects peace, calm, stability, harmony, and trust
  • However, sometimes it also reflects depression and a sense of coldness

color of serenity and calm


~ Wassily Kandinsky

What’s Trending: Pastel Colors, Positivity, And Mental Health

2024 is all about pastel colors, well, as of now, I haven’t seen anyone dislike pastel shades. When it comes to painting our home, pastel colors can be the best choice. According to psychology, pastel colors have a calming effect and can be effectively used for painting the walls of our homes.

Not only this, but pastel colors are uplifting, versatile, charming, and most importantly they influence positive human behavior. Pastels are not vibrant like other shades but they still have strong way of tapping into human behavior positively.

Here’s your quick and easy guide to choosing the shade of pastel colors while welcoming into your home:

1. Green Shade: Pistachio Green

Pistachio Green for aesthetic

This shade provides a quality aesthetic to your home, additionally, like all shades of green, it keeps you connected with nature.

2. Yellow Shade: Pale Lemon

Pale Lemon for home

Like other shades of yellow, pale lemon is bright and welcoming. This shade provides softness and calmness to your home, it can be the best alternative to whiter shades.

3. Pink Shade: Pastel Baby Pink

Pastel Baby Pink

Pastel pink belongs to the lighter shades of pink which is not too bright and nor too dull. It provides the right amount of aesthetics to your home. Additionally, it gives freshness and charm to your home.

4. Purple Shade: Lilac


Lilac is everyone’s favorite! From a psychological point of view, it’s a light color with a strong calming, and uplifting effect.

5. Orange Shade: Peach

welcome peace with peach

Peach color is the combination of red and white, one color is known for warmth and the other color is known for peace. Together, they make a great combination that welcomes peace and warmth at the same time.

While selecting according to Feng Shui, we suggest you opt for lighter and brighter shades. Light shades soothe the eyes and reduce stress. I hope you like this article and the information helps. For more such blogs, follow Calm Sage on Social Media platforms.

Keep smiling!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q 1. What do the four personality colors mean?

Every color is associated with a different personality type. All the four primary colors are based on a foundation of true colors fun along with an insightful personality-identification system. 

Q 2. Which color attracts the human eye the most?

The green color attracts the human eye the most. 

Q 3. Which color relieves anxiety?

Green colors relieve anxiety as it denotes quiet and restful. Additionally, blue is also helpful for stress management

Q 4. How do colors affect us?

Colors are known to be a powerful communication as it influences mood and shows different psychological reactions

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