Workplace Wellness


Emotional Culture At Work: The Most Needed Culture To Work Positively!

We all dislike the job wherein we have to follow levels of formality, competition, hierarchy,…

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Conflict Avoidance: What to Do When Silence Becomes Stifling

Conflict is a natural part of our relationships - no matter what kind of relationship…

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Snail Girl Era women to live a slower

From Girl Boss to Snail Girl: Why Women are Choosing Slow Living Over Hustle Culture

"You don't have to do it all. You just have to do what matters most…

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How to Prevent Work From Home Burnout

WFH Warriors! Here’s Your Guide to Prevent Work From Home Burnout

If you’ve been a remote worker since the COVID-19 pandemic or if you’ve transitioned to…

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Bullying In The Workplace: The Effects Of Workplace Bullying (And How To Deal With It)

We all have that someone at our workplace who not only annoys us but makes…

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I Can Do Anything Mindset

Understanding The Power of the “I Can Do Anything” Mindset

In this journey called life, we are not unfamiliar with setbacks, challenges, and obstacles that…

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What to do when you're the target of hurtful gossip

What To Do When Someone Gossips About You? Addressing Gossips Right Way!

“Rumors are carried by haters, spread by fools, and accepted by idiots!” Whoever quoted this…

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Can Polywork Lead to Burnout?

Polywork, or working on numerous occupations or tasks at the same time, can lead to…

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Have A Know-It-All Coworker? Here’s how to deal with a Know-It-All

I used to work in the psychiatry ward of a hospital for a brief period…

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