Podcast Ep. 21 -You’re Not Alone Face Your Fears

Last Update on August 2, 2022 : Published on September 4, 2020
Youre-Not-Alone-Face-Your-Fears podcast

Understanding Yourself Matters – It’s the first steps towards understanding why things happen

If you worry about what other people think: remember that only some, very few love, and almost all just don’t care.

Hence, stop thinking about what people think about you just try to understand yourself.  Everybody, whether they like to admit it or not, has fears and gets anxious about certain things, a barking dog, crawling lizard, or speaking in front of large groups of people.

When this fear causes tremendous anxiety and interferes with normal day to day life actual danger arises and it’s called Phobia. In this podcast, we will talk about social phobia the most common and neglected of all. Most people think they are introverted hence they don’t mingle with people but there’s a thin line difference between social phobia and introvert.

Listen to the podcast and understand if you are suffering from social phobia or not and how to cope with it.

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Preeti Seth
Preeti Seth

Preeti is a full-time blogger and dreamer. She has three passions in life traveling, helping others and spreading joy. At Calm Sage, she aims to compile her knowledge and write on topics that will help people understand the complexities of life.

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