Podcast Ep. 39 – What I Learned from My Covid 19 Experience

Last Update on August 1, 2022 : Published on July 23, 2021
My Covid 19 Experience

COVID – 19 has had a deep impact on our lives. It sure changed the way we use to live. And, yes, it has taken a toll on our lives; yet, there are various life lessons that it has taught us. It has taught us how important it is to value those around us, how important it is to stay calm and deal with an adverse situation.

And, most importantly, why should one have a “Never say die attitude”. It has taught us that when it comes to your responsibilities towards your loved ones, sometimes you even have to sideline your illness.  In this podcast, we will listen to the journey of a COVID -19 warrior and his family, and how they were able to fight back the illness and grief caused by the pandemic.

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Sarang Bhargav
Sarang Bhargav

Sarang is an avid blogger and a philosopher at heart. Words are his weapon, and intent is his channel. He finds it enlightening to pour his heart out in the form of words on anything under the sun. At Calm Sage, he aims at spreading happiness and joy in the lives of millions by writing on topics such as mental wellbeing, happiness and anything that can help soothe others.

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