7 Signs You Are An Ambivert: Ambivert Personality Test

Last Update on March 21, 2023 : Published on December 27, 2021
Signs you're an Ambivert

Being an ambivert can be very confusing at times. The funny thing is most people do not even know that they might be an ambivert or an omnivert. Do you want others to know about the signs of being an ambivert?

Knowing your personality type is a good thing because that will make it easy for you to understand your reactions and feelings. Let’s first look at what ambiverts and omniverts are…

Who Is An Ambivert?

Ambiverts is a personality type where you are neither introvert or an extrovert. You don’t fall into any of the categories. It’s almost like you are a neutral being. Doesn’t it sound perfect? I mean there is not too much of anything.

Perhaps you might have struck a balance between extroversion and introversion. You have the best of both worlds. Ambiverts are those people who neither are too within themselves nor are too out loud.

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Still doubtful about who ambiverts are? Let’s look at the what an ambivert me look like:

Signs You Are An Ambivert

1. You are comfortable either way:

it is easier for you to work in a team or alone. You don’t mind either of them. You’re comfortable in being quiet and working alone and you alway enjoy having a group to work with.

2. Socialising is fun but can’t take too much of it:

you like going out and being around people, you enjoy their company. The only catch here is you enjoy the social setting but only for some time. You get tired of being around people after some time.

3. You like attention but not too much:

you like being in the limelight but you don’t want it to be there for a long time. You enjoy attention but for a time being only. Getting attention for a long time is not your scene.

4. People are confused about what kind of person you are:

most people around you are always perplexed as to what kind of person you are. Some people say you are quiet and some say you are highly talkative.

5. You like me time but too much of it makes you feel bored:

you like your own company but always being with yourself is not what you want. You like only a little bit of  ME time, not too much.

6. Small talks don’t irritate you but you don’t like it either:

you can have ‘just for the sake of it’ conversations and have some small talks here and there but it’s boring as hell to you.

7. You are a good listener as well as a good communicator:

that is the best part about being an ambivert. You have the patience to listen to someone and you also have the motivation to communicate with other people.

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These are a few signs of being an ambivert. There are other signs too but I think you get my point. There are both extroversion and introversion traits in you. And the best part is that you don’t possess the extremities of both. You might be a perfect blend of both the two personality types.

Now to question here is who are omniverts if ambivert are the blend to extroverts and introverts? Let’s find out…

Who Are Omniverts And How Are They Different From Ambiverts?

Omniverts are also people who possess traits of both introverts and extroverts. You can have this kind of personality if you are outgoing as well as a cocoon person. Now the point is if both have the same differentiation what makes them different?

The difference is the intensity and extreme of the traits each ambiverts and omniverts process. The key difference between the two is that ambiverts have a little bit of both personality traits but not too much.

On the other hand omniverts possess the extreme ends of both introversion and extroversion. At one point they are out and about in the world and another time they can’t stand people around them. You can say omniverts are the evil twin of ambiverts because they have the worst of both worlds.

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Ambiverts and omniverts both are a combination of extroversion and introversion. The only difference is in the intensity of the traits. Ambiverts are neither introverts or extroverts and omniverts are both extroverts and introverts.

I hope you found this blog interesting. Do comment and let me know if you are an ambivert or an omnivore. Did all the signs of an ambivert point at you?

Thanks for reading.

Take care and stay safe.

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