Warning Signs of Emotional Abuse in Relationships!

Last Update on May 12, 2021 : Published on April 28, 2020
Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Nowadays relationships are not everyone’s cup of tea. Of Course there is love but apart you will witness other feelings; such as jealousy, insecurities, trust issues, mental, physical and emotional abuse too.

Emotional Abuse in Relationships

All of us have gone into such relationships, where we have experienced the above mentioned feelings. We people are already aware of jealousy, self-doubt, cynicism and other related feelings in a relationship. But very few have come close to emotional abuse or emotional trauma.

If you are not aware about emotional abuse, we will talk a little about it here. Emotional abuse is a type of abuse that doesn’t include physical actions. This emotional exploit inherits constant criticism and verbal abuse that causes damage to psychological wellbeing.

“Words cut deeper than knives. A knife can be pulled out, words are embedded into our souls- William Chapman”

If you are already in a committed relationship but unable to understand and identify them, don’t worry in this blog we will mention warning signs of emotional abuse.

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Ominous Signs Of Emotional Abuse-

1. There Is No Privacy

there Is No Privacy

 When your partner is not respecting your personal space and interfering every time whenever you are accessing your email or social media accounts. This is an obvious sign of being in emotional abuse. They will either ask you for a password and when you will not give they will try to hack them.

They will try to merge their email address so that they can keep an eye on your daily online activities.

If a person can’t respect your privacy, he can never respect you! Whatever are the reasons invading into a person’s personal space is not a good idea. You can’t steal someone’s time and if you are someone who did or is doing this, stop! This will not help you in any way.

2. Threats

Signs of Emotional Abuse in Relationships

Here I will not talk about a particular gender because if a man or woman is threatening each other at any point of time in a relationship, they are faulty. This is another sign of emotional abuse that impacts on a bigger term on a person’s mind.

An abuser may give you a threat to expose you in such a way that it may lead to destruction or embarrassment in front of everyone. If you are willing to leave them, they will start threatening you and there will be no way to escape.

These abusers will drag you on their level that at the end you either will try to beg them not to spoil anything or start living with them forcefully. If you have already understood this sign of threats in your relationship, end it right away.

If you are someone who is harassing or threatening your partner, don’t do it. It will cause harm to their mental health and you never know what step they could take towards themself.

3. The Blame Game !

the Blame Game

This is an0ther common sign that can be seen as emotional abuse. An abuser will blame you for everything that includes even the smallest thing. For example, if he leaves his job, without letting you know the situations, he will always blame you every time and soon his blames will turn out to be unwanted sacrifices.

Trust me, he is going to blame you for everything! He will blame you for his abortive plans, schedules and situations. You need to run away from such relationships, this will let you go deeper into slow death!  Yes, this is a brutal sign of emotional abuse!

4. Excessive Gift-Giving

excessive Gift-Giving

This is somewhat related to the above warning sign of emotional abuse. What happens in this situation, whenever you guys will have a fight, your partner will accuse you, play a blame game card, or will through some illogical tantrums either by threatening or invading your private space.

An abuser will cut you through his brutal words by saying “I have done so much for you, and what you did?” “No one can give you a good life except me!” “I gave you expensive gifts, still why you don’t appreciate my actions.” “I love you, that’s why I sacrificed!”

It’s hard to get away from such situations as you never know when they can harm you or spoil your life. This is another example and sign of emotional abuse.

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5. Manipulative


 Manipulative is an art in which emotional abusers are truly champions. All of a sudden if you feel responsible for your partner’s remorse, unable to express yourself or your needs, feeling guilty for your own requirements then you are in the clutch of emotional abuse.

These abusers will change their words in such a way that you will start feeling guilty. They will throw their bags full of all negative emotions and signs that I mentioned above on you. In addition to this, they will not be able to stand firm on their own decisions!

We’re Here To Help You !

I feel sorry, if you are one of those people who are struggling with such abusers in your life. But you need to act for your own self, for your future self! If you continue to get this pain, it will end as emotional trauma that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

If you are an emotional abuser, stop at least for the sake of a good time that you people spent together. This blog is for every reader, who is committed, single or struggling with such abusers.

I hope you like this article and have understood what the fatal signs of emotional abuse are. Your suggestions are always welcome; drop them in the comment section below.

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