How did I Battle with my Inner Demons-Anonymous, 25

Last Update on May 9, 2020 : Published on May 10, 2020
How did I Battle with my Inner Demons

They say that our inner demons enter our lives in the form of compulsive thoughts which later on drives on the way we feel and think. The emotions and negative thinking make us feel like crap. And at that moment, it becomes impossible to switch off the feelings and turn the volume down of those inner demons.

The same situation happened with me when I lost the hope of moving ahead in my career. I became such a hopeless person when someone from higher authority told me that I can’t do this because I am not capable of it. That sentence really pinched me and I started feeling like a crap. I stopped making extra efforts and I stopped communicating with my loved ones. My inner demons enclosed my hopes in such a way that I thought I am a useless person with no desires at all.

A few months later filled with hopelessness, I thought that what makes my inner demons so hard to conquer. I literally felt those inner demons getting strong day by day under my skin to make me weaker.

That day I caught myself from hurting others and myself specifically. I searched a lot about my negative thoughts and negative feelings on the internet. And I found Calm Sage a few weeks ago on the internet. I started reading blogs and self-help books which helped my inner demons to let go.

I observed that the removal of such negative feelings requires self-introspection and humility.

Calm Sage taught me that once you know your demons, own them, and acknowledge them! Once you acknowledge your fear, you have already won half of the battle.

I chose the higher ground from where I stood and fought with my inner demons. I shouted, “I can! And I am capable of achieving my desires and goals”.

By doing so, I defeated my inner demons by making angels out of them. I learned that our inner demons are also angels waiting desperately for a miracle to happen. Actually, they also require help in the same manner that we do.

When the inner demons are treated with kindness and grace, they arise like a new personality.

At the end of the story, I fought on the side of such angels, and in this way, I battled with my inner demons and won.

In the end, I would like to send regards to Calm Sage team members who all are working together for better healthy living. Big thanks to everyone!


  1. Kian

    Well, good luck with your humility pal. The biggest removal of all negative feelings is to pray to God. I don't care you like it or not, We need to remember we're not alone. God is with us. We must fight against negativity not to Surrender to our problems. Just keep that in mind. God bless you all

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