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Last Update on July 31, 2020 : Published on July 31, 2020
I Finally Moved on with New Vibes user story

When I met you 4 years back today, I never knew that there will be a day when I will have to forget you and move on with my life. “Moving on” from you was not my choice because I totally believed that there was something natural and special between us. I thought that I will never be able to find that magic and purity that was in you or with you. The day you left I lost my self-esteem, self-respect, and confidence because I begged you to stay with me and you still opted to leave. I thought that was love but later I realized it was only one-sided.

The day you left my whole life changed, I thought the silver screen is a lie, love is a lie and heartbreak is a real thing. When I saw myself alone, standing, and begging, I thought we should never expect from anyone. How idiotic I was!

After you left, I thought I am never going to make it through, I thought I am on the verge of end. I developed this really strong bond between loneliness and depression. I barely talked with anyone. I promised myself that I am not going to fall into this trap again… I promised myself that I will never watch those false movies. I was so devastated. Truly, I was in pain which I felt never before. Everything seemed abnormal… I even started hating red color (obviously, because it was your favorite)! All the poems and songs you dedicated turned out to be lifeless. In this phase, all I wanted to be alone. And I didn’t want to communicate with anyone.

But luckily, I have got friends and family who supported me to become a strong person. They helped me to realize who I am… and what is my identity… they really helped me a lot. After this, I remembered that I have a career to look upon and loving family and friends to take care of!

The best thing ever happened to me was How to Deal with a Breakup through the Calm Sage website. This was the first blog I read it on the Calm Sage website. I subscribed to Calm Sage 3 months ago. And I read all of your blogs everyday… the best website for self-help. I would also like to mention one of the best podcasts named End of Heartache: Overcoming Heartbreaks & Relationship Failures.

After listening and reading to all the podcasts and blogs, I finally decided to go on a trip with my friends. On the trip, I found myself again. I never felt this refreshed. My friends & I really enjoyed the trip. I want to give credits for my trip to Calm Sage. When I returned from the trip, I became this whole new person full of energy and smile. Now, I take care of my family, look upon my career, and meet my friends weekly. This all happened because of Calm Sage.

I have recommended Calm Sage to all of my friends and family members. After moving on completely with new vibes, I decided to write my own story because breakups are so common nowadays. Through my story and experience with self-help, I really want to help people going through with the same pain. Guys, please do not hold on to the past, get up and move on. Go for a trip, work on your dreams, enjoy in whichever way you want to.

In the end, a big thanks to Calm Sage from me and my family. We love you and would appreciate the team for their hard work. It really helps people like me to move on with new vibes.


  1. Mansi Vijay
    Mansi Vijay

    This is so relatable. Thanks for sharing your story!

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