Dynamic Meditation: Including Meditation in Day to Day Life

Dynamic Meditation

Meditation: suggested by all, practiced by few and ignored by masses. So why is it such? Why do we not follow something which has its benefits known all over the world? Why do we still procrastinate and leave something so important behind? One big reason that was found to be the cause was busy life. Hectic schedules and short deadlines are keeping people on toes and are forcing them to perform better. Though the production graph is increasing and we have never seen such a great growth of industries, but, have we looked at our health analytics lately? And do keep in mind that I am not talking just about physical health, but about mental health too.

Including Meditation in Day to Day Life

Studies show that over the past decades, there is a sharp increase in the number of people suffering from mental illnesses. And I do understand that meditation is not a piece of cake. Some of us get even more stressed and frustrated when we are not able to meditate. So what should one do? Have you ever heard of the term dynamic meditation? Confused? You must be thinking that meditation is when, when you sit still and do nothing, right? But there is a whole big branch of meditation that is not about sitting still and not doing anything.

Why should one do it?

what is dynamic meditation

Busy lives have made it almost impossible for one to take time for oneself. Therefore, dynamic meditation is the key to steal small time pockets in your routine. If done properly, you will enjoy many benefits of meditation like increased mindfulness, better balance, clarity of thoughts, lowered stress levels, enhanced decision making process, etc.  Also, even if you have daily fixed time for regular traditional meditation, then too you can practice dynamic meditation. Why? A big reason is, when you get up from regular meditation, it takes only some moments and thoughts of stress and tension to pull you back into the world of chaos.

Dynamic meditation helps one to maintain his thought process even when he or she is working throughout the week. The main focus is to maintain the effects of regular meditation even when you are busy in your work. So even if you are not able to dedicate your time solely on it, you can still meditate on the go. Now let’s move on to the important part.

How to Meditate Dynamically?

To be honest, it is quite simple but at the same time, it can be quite annoying if you are short tempered. But the good news is, if you practice meditation, whether regular or dynamic, you can decrease those anger bursts too. There is no specific timer here, you do it on the go. Calm yourself down, maybe by drawing attention to your breaths or by focusing on an object nearby. Try to continue your work with this calmness and meditate. There will be times when your focus will be broken by someone calling you or talking to you but you can resume your meditation once the conversation gets over. So this way you won’t have to wait for a particular time to meditate. You can meditate over any activity by simply focusing. Try to focus on the task at hand and to not think about anything else. Try to be thoughtless and calm. Below are some steps which you can use as a guide for dynamic meditation. Have a look.

How to Meditate Dynamically

  • If you are working at your home or doing chores which you do daily on a repeat basis, then try to be silent and meditate. This is quite easy when compared to meditating while in a crowd. You won’t have to think much as the chores consist of daily tasks which you know.
  • Meditate even while you walk. Focus on your steps, how your foot is placed on the ground, which muscles flex and where the tension is. Notice your breaths as you walk.
  • Meditation while exercising is the very core of Yoga. Yogic exercises require a person’s full attention if he wants to perform the particular posture correctly.
  • You will experience that you are forgetting about this exercise of yours maybe because of some person who just disturbed you or maybe your own thoughts which are simply chaos. Try to put a gentle sound reminder which can remind you to start your meditation again. Monks use wind chimes to make themselves remember about their activity and since the sound is gentle, it does not disturb their meditation.

How to practice Meditate Dynamically

So these are some of the tips and steps which you can use to meditate dynamically and throughout the day. For beginners or for people who are starting after a long time, it may seem quite hard, but to calm down the storm of thoughts, it needs a bit of effort and time. So don’t lose hopes even if your initial sessions weren’t a success. You will get it eventually. It is your mind, you need to learn to tame it. Also don’t think of this meditation as an easy escape route or as a substitute. Regular meditation has its importance too but if you are not able to make time for it, you can try this as doing something would be way better than doing nothing.

practice dynamic medication

Hope it helps. Do let us know your experiences of dynamic meditation in the comments section below, we would love to hear from you guys.

Thanks for reading!

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