What Is Pyrrole Disorder? How Is It Different From Bipolar?

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What is Pyrrole Disorder

Pyrrole disorder is a clinical condition with mental and emotional symptoms. Pyrroles are naturally produced molecules in our body which generally do not affect us in many ways but if the number of pyrrole molecules increases more than the required amount it starts to fiddle with your emotions.

Pyrrole disorder has been observed to exist along with various mental health conditions but isn’t a symptom to any. Pyrrole disorder can be accompanied by Anxiety, Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, etc.

In this blog we will discuss the causes of pyrrole disorder, it’s treatment and the signs and symptoms of pyrrole disorder. Keep reading to find out the difference between pyrrole disorder and bipolar disorder.

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What Is Pyrrole Disorder?

Hydroxyhemopyrrolin-2-one (HPL) is a chemical composition naturally created and excreted by our body. These molecules usually do not bother us in any way until the production sees a significant increase resulting in too many pyrrole molecules in the body.

This condition of having excess of pyrrole molecules is known as pyrrole disorder. What these pyrrole molecules do to your body is that they attach themselves to important nutrients and your body discards the nutrients along with the pyrrole molecules.

This increase in pyrrole molecules causes you to experience mood instability. There are rapid shifts in mood which are of course uncontrollable. This mood instability because of Pyrrole disorder is more easily identified in adolescents.

Let’s look at the signs and symptoms of Pyrrole disorder so that you can understand it better.

Signs and Symptoms Of Pyrrole Disorder


Although the signs of pyrrole disorder are very similar to bipolar disorder, knowing the symptoms of each will help you tell bothe the disorders apart.

Read What is Bipolar Disorder | Signs and Symptoms | Test and Treatment to know about the symptoms of bipolar disorder.

For now, let’s look at the symptoms of bipolar disorder;

  • You are easily irritated
  • Experience severe anxiety
  • Drastic change in mood
  • Temper issues
  • Depressive symptoms
  • Memory related problems
  • Unable to deal with routine work stress
  • Melodramatic behavior
  • Intolerance to loud noise or strong light

These are the primary symptoms of pyrrole disorder but it doesn’t stop at the emotional/mental symptoms. Pyrrole disorder also exhibited quite a few physical symptoms such as;

  • White spots on nails
  • Late puberty
  • Early graying of hair
  • A pot belly
  • Morning sickness (nausea)
  • Pale skin
  • Irregular bowel syndrome

Causes Of Pyrrole Disorder


The exact cause of Pyrrole Disorder still remains unknown. Some researchers claim pyrrole disorder to have come down through genetics. Some also argue that it shares a cause and effect relationship with mental health disorders.

One known cause of pyrrole disorder is trauma. If you have recently experienced a traumatic incident like losing a job, divorce, history of abuse, etc.

It is yet to be established who influences the other, is it pyrrole disorder or some mental health condition? However, it is clear that pyrrole disorder is different from other mood related mental health conditions and should not be confused with them.

According to research pyrrole disorder is said to accompany various mental health conditions like;

  • Anxiety disorders
  • Depression
  • Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder
  • Schizophrenia
  • autism

How Is Pyrrole Disorder Treated ?


Treating a pyrrole disorder is not a very complex task. Once Pyrrole disorder is diagnosed your doctor will help you identify your symptoms and might prescribe some mood stabilizers and other meditations like anti anxiety and antidepressants to reduce the emotional symptoms.

Your doctor might also suggest undergoing therapy to manage rapid change in emotions and mood instability. Since Pyrrole disorder also causes nutritional deficiencies you will also be prescribed some supplements to balance the lost nutrition.

Once the treatment has started, you begin to see improvement in your symptoms within 5 to 6 months.

Pyrrole Disorder and Bipolar, What’s The Difference?

The signs and symptoms of pyrrole disorder and bipolar disorder are very similar in nature. In fact the only reason for the low rate of pyrrole diagnoses is that the symptoms are often confused with that of bipolar disorder.

An interesting fact about the two is that they do not coexist and neither do they share a cause and effect relationship. Bipolar disorder includes symptoms of mania and depression and when there are rapid shifts  between these moods is what is similar to pyrrole disorder.

One difference between the two is that pyrrole disorder only has rapid shifts in mood as a symptom and bipolar disorder has various other types of mood shift episodes as well. Other than this the physical symptoms of Pyrrole disorder differentiates it from bipolar disorder.

The diagnoses of the two also differ in nature, bipolar disorder is diagnosed through psychological testing and pyrrole disorder can be diagnosed by a urine test.


Pyrrole disorder is real and affects a lot of people, mostly the younger adults. Due to the similarities in the symptoms with bipolar disorder, a pyrrole disorder is often confused as a bipolar disorder.

I hope this blog helps you understand what pyrrole disorder is and how it is different from bipolar disorder. Do share this blog with your friends and family so that the confusion about pyrrole disorder ends soon!

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