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Best Self-Care Habits During COVID 19 Lock Down

“Taking care of myself is an important yet difficult task to do” - said one of our readers. We’re sure you agree with the same, that if you...
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Positive Things to Learn to Get Through This Crisis Time

"Although the world is full of suffering, it is also full of overcoming of it"- Hellen Keller With a sudden change in our lifestyle, we are experiencing a...
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Pick your Favorite Flower and Know your Personality

We all know that flowers have the power to turn our bad day into a good one. But, wait! What if someone gifts your roses and you don’t...
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How Hiking Could Help Cope With Anxiety & Depression?

When people are battling with depression and anxiety, I understand the tough phase, difficulties in day to day activities and various irregularities that change the cycle of life....
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how to stop feeling guilty

How To Get Rid Of Guilt That’s Bothering You So Much?

‘Guilt’ word itself sounds so heavy that we can imagine the feeling of a person who is sitting beneath its shadow. This guilt could appear in our lives...
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importance of Personal Space

“Why I Love My Personal Space & Why You Should Love It Too!”

‘I restore myself when I am alone’- Marilyn Monroe Don’t mind if I start with a creepy example, eh! Imagine yourself sitting in the bathroom, reading the newspaper...
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Journaling For Mental Health - An Outlet For Feeling

Journaling For Mental Health – An Outlet For Feelings

Maintaining Journal For Better Mental Health - Need Of The Hour The world’s getting complicated by each passing day and carrying all those complications can be very stressing...
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Role of Nature in Promoting Our Mental Health

Understanding the Role of Nature in Promoting Our Mental Health

Happy Earth Day! Yes, the 22nd of April is Earth Day! Our mother nature too has a B’ date! Ideally, this is a day to pay gratitude to...
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Healthy Morning Rituals And Routines

10 Healthy Morning Routine That’ll Help You Keep You Calm

In the hustle and bustle of our daily lives, many of us just get out of our beds and dash straight for work. Time to break that monotony!...
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