Quick Mental Strength Exercises : Ways To Build Mental Strength

Last Update on March 23, 2023 : Published on March 23, 2023

I recently attended an internship program for 3 months in a hospital. Yes, I had gone through a really tough time. Attending an internship program is not easy, especially when you have to work under your seniors  and have to deal with real patients on a regular basis. My anxiety during that period increased. I started being more worried, stressed, nervous, and ready to give up, or you can say “on edge.”

During the mid-period, I discovered the most empowering way to combat anxiety is to work on improving your mental strength and resilience power. Therefore, I researched some mental strength exercises and they literally worked for me.

Mental strength exercises really work because we start learning to appreciate or welcome certain mistakes so that we can grasp new information. If you are also looking for some effective exercises to improve your mental strength, this blog can help you with easy and quick mental strength exercises.

The best part about trying these exercises is that they are quick and easy, and you can try them even while sitting on the couch! So, let’s get started.

Quick and Easy Mental Strength Exercises

1. Start visualizing positive outcomes

While sitting on the couch or at the end of the day, you can start rethinking the tough times when you were on the edge but you still managed to overcome it. Now re-think all those tough moments and visualize optimistic thoughts. Not only think but also think about the best possible outcome!

2. Convert your triggers into productivity

Whenever your brain starts struggling with the triggers, enable your strength to become even more resilient during those times. Learn to calm down, reassess, reframe, and implement decisions in a better way. Remind yourself, that anxiety does not have to look bad and focus on productivity. For example, if you are worried about something, try to re-adjust your goals so that you can work on more realistic goals and become more goal-oriented.

3. Try “Positive Self-Tweeting”

I recently read a book written by Lin-Manuel Miranda featuring tweets. In the book, the writer has shared some important and upbeat messages which are not only funny but also motivational and delightful. Keep sending positive reminders to yourself in the form of tweets; you don’t have to share them with the public but write them somewhere so that you can boost yourself.

4. Do one “difficult” thing per day

Improvement comes slowly, when you start challenging yourself on purpose, you start analyzing your boundaries. Since everyone has a different idea of tough or challenging situations, start picking your challenges or difficult tasks daily to cross the self-built boundaries and become resilient even when you’re uncomfortable.

5. Learn to adjust to discomfort

Uncomfortableness leads us to look for unhealthy solutions. To overcome such situations, we often get indulged in binge-eating or watching. That’s not the solution to any problem, right? Next time whenever you find yourself indulged in an uncomfortable situation, try to work on your tolerance level and gain confidence through them.

6. Find a poise in your emotions

If you feel like you’re a sensible person, you might be living a monotonous life. For example, if you’re more like a money-saving person, try to find some enjoyment in leisure activities as well rather than saving it for the future. The idea is to balance your emotions and logic at the same time. Avoid emotional decision-making and try to find the poise in your life.

7. Avoid excuses and look for explanations

I am sorry for asking this directly, but are you able to reach the goals or resolutions you made at the beginning of 2023? Where did you fall or stop? Try to examine the reason, and do not make excuses instead start working on your behavior so that you can become the better version of yourself every day.

8. Try the “10-minute” rule exercise

You can really turn your mental issues into productivity even when you don’t feel like working at all. This process does not work like a wand but takes time. This process is a 10-minute rule exercise that says when you’re telling yourself to do a task, prepare your body to get moving for 10 minutes with full energy. When you will be able to finish that particular task, you will realize that the task was not as hard as you predicted in your mind. Preparing your mind and getting started is the hardest part of achieving a task which can be done with the help of the 10-minute rule.

9. Practice gratitude

Whenever you get some free time or at the end of the day, look at 5 things and show some gratitude to them. This process will help in alleviating quality sleep, boosting immunity, and increasing mental strength. According to psychology, when we start finding the silver lining in everything, we eventually become more mentally strong.

I hope this blog helps you with quick and easy mental strength exercises to try. Comment down and let us know which mental strength exercises or exercises work for you.

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Thanks for reading!

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