10 Best Online Divorce Counseling Services Of 2024

Last Update on January 3, 2024 : Published on January 3, 2024

Divorce is one of the most complex and stressful life events that has some major impacts on personal and professional life. Moreover, it also impacts kids, family members, financial things, social relationships, and most importantly our mental health.

The impact of ending a marriage is tough because everyone is impacted by it whether you have been together for 2 months or 20 years. During such a tough phase, it is important to get the right support and start your life from a new page. The actual fact is that we cannot rely specifically on our existing support system during divorce because of mutual friends and relationships.

Moreover, the divorce process is isolating which can impact your mental and physical health negatively. In such situations, you can take the support of divorce counseling services that can help you through this tough phase.

Divorce counseling services can help in salvaging a marriage (if both partners are ready), help in co-parenting better with your ex-spouse, help to overcome mental health issues, and can help deal with your demons.

In this blog, I have enlisted the best online divorce counseling services that provide extended support for those going through a rough time.

List of Contents

  • 1. BetterHelp: Best Overall
  • 2. Growing Self
  • 3. Talkspace
  • 4. Calmerry
  • 5. eTherapy Pro
  • 6. Circle
  • 7. ReGain: Best for Relationship Counseling
  • 8. Couples Therapy Inc.
  • 9. Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce
  • 10. E-Therapy Café

Top 10 Best Online Divorce Therapy Platforms

1. BetterHelp: Best Overall


Price: 240$-360 monthly (subscription rates may vary according to preference)

Insurance Accepted: No

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BetterHelp is one of the most popularly known online therapy platforms which is beloved by couples across the world. This online therapy platform is known for its online counseling services done by experienced and registered counselors.

BetterHelp has over 30,000 therapists equipped to tackle all kinds of problems related to marriage, divorce, parenting, and others. The best part about BetterHelp is that the counselors can be contacted through phone calls, video calls, chats, and texting.

The other best part is that the divorce counselor takes up an approach that is directed to your pace and helps in learning healthy coping techniques.

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2. Growing Self

growing self logo

Price: Begins from $75 (Subscription rates may vary according to preferences) for a 45-minute session

Insurance Accepted: Only covered if it is a medically necessary treatment

Unlike other divorce counseling, Growing Self is a marriage and family counseling service, where therapists with specialization and years of experience help you – as an individual or as a couple – achieve growth. Family dynamics are important, and Growing Self accepts that and the effects of divorce on children. This platform works to help you heal and recover after a relationship loss.

Growing Self therapists are trained in discernment counseling and coaching, a type of couples counseling that helps separated couples slow down and take a guided discovery process to work on the marriage.

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3. Talkspace


Price: Begins at $69 per week

Insurance Accepted: Yes, at copay (depending on your insurance provider)

It’s never easy to face the loss of family, stability, and love. Going through a divorce is equal to grieving and depression. There could be times when you’ll feel anxious, alone, and panicked. Talkspace is here to help you. With this online therapy platform, you can cope with divorce with the guidance of trained and experienced therapists.

The best part of Talkspace is that it’s affordable, convenient, and confidential. Your privacy and convenience are what matters to its therapists, so if you’re looking for affordable relationship or divorce counseling, reach out to Talkspace today.

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4. Calmerry

Calmerry logo

Price: Begins from $41.99 (Subscription rates may vary according to preference) 

Insurance Accepted: No 

Calmerry can be your one-stop platform for all your mental health needs, it is one of the fastest-growing online therapy platforms that offers therapy through licensed and experienced therapists. The best part is that users are matched with the perfect therapist that fits all of their needs.

If you are looking for support or going through the process of divorce, you can connect with Calmerry to find solutions for your problems related to separation, rules, parenting, and more. It offers budget-friendly subscription plans. Moreover, users also get 24/7 access to reach the divorce counselor.

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5. eTherapy Pro


Price: Begins at $55 per week

Insurance Accepted: Yes, with copay facilities

eTherapy Pro is an online counseling platform that provides safe and confidential messaging that works as email. Through this platform, you can communicate with your therapist as often as you like, whenever and wherever. With a subscription, you can schedule appointments through live chat, live video, and phone calls.

The best part of eTherapy Pro is that it offers a copay insurance service, depending on your plan and preferences. At a reasonable rate, you can get services tailored to your needs.

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6. Circle


Price: Begins at $20 per week

Insurance Accepted: No

Circles is another peer-to-peer platform that specializes in group support and counseling. Since 2008, Circles has been offering emotional support with over 500 groups covering various issues including separation and divorce. This online counseling platform has helped people with trauma, divorce, grief, and relationship issues.

The groups at Circles are moderated by professionals so you can rest assured that your information will be safe and confidential. The group size on Circles is small so you get more one-on-one time with your professional. You can talk with your therapist via live video calls and chat messaging at your convenience.

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7. ReGain: Best for Relationship Counseling


Price: Begins from $240 per month

Insurance Accepted: No

ReGain is the only platform that is developed for relationship or couples counseling. ReGain is one of my personal favorite picks because it offers couples and individual sessions which helps in getting into the core of causes and helps in salvaging the relationship.

If both partners have decided to part ways, it helps establish ground rules and boundaries so that their mental health can be protected. Moreover, the counselors are experts in handling marriage-related issues like resolving conflicts, detecting emotional abuse, and improving communication. Consecutively, it helps in regaining respect even after separation.

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8. Couples Therapy Inc.

Couples Therapy, Inc

Price: Subscription plans begin from $119 per session 

Insurance Accepted: NO

Couples who are considering divorce or are looking for mental health guidance and support can definitely opt for Couples Therapy Inc. It is one of the best platforms for seeking couple therapy-related services. You can also schedule sessions individually or intensively for both of you.

It also offers relationships and parenting advice based on the roots of psychological theories. The only aim of this platform is to help each couple to set rules and get on the same page in regard to their separation or moving forward together. Moreover, it can also help in salvaging a relationship.

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9. Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce

Price: Begins from $79.95

Insurance Accepted: No 

Crossroads of Parenting & Divorce is based on co-parenting classes. It is generally a course that helps parents to come together and be available for their children even when going through separation or after separation.

The goal of this service is to teach parents to behave civilly for the sake of their children. Co-parenting courses offered by this service always prioritize the needs of children. The courses are offered by a trained counselor.

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10. E-Therapy Café

E-Therapy Cafe

Price: Begins from $40 (Subscription rates may vary according to preferences) 

Insurance Accepted: No 

E-Therapy Cafe is an online service that offers coaching and therapy to couples facing issues with a divorce, separation, or co-parenting. Individuals can virtually join the sessions and seek advice. It can also help in salvaging a marriage or relationship.

The best part about using this platform is that it provides a 700-word journal wherein clients can express their feelings. The therapist reviews the journal and provides in-depth feedback based on it.

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I hope this blog helps you with the 6 best online divorce counseling services and therapy platforms. For more such content, connect with us on all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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