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Aayushi Kapoor

Aayushi is a Content creator at Calm Sage. By education, she is a food technologist and nutritionist in making. Her constant interest towards the improvement of mental health drawn her to write. She likes to make an asynchronous connection with her readers. Her mantra for living life is "What you seek is seeking you". Apart from this, she is a foodie and dog lover.

Reunification therapy

What is Reunification Therapy? How Does Reunification Therapy Works?

What is Reunification Therapy? Reunification therapy is a type of family therapy wherein the therapist takes steps to re-establish or re-unite a relationship between a child and a...
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How to deal and recover with high-conflict divorce

Dealing And Recovering From A High-Conflict Divorce

If you ask me “what exactly is a high-conflict divorce?” I would say a high-conflict divorce is where the marriage ends and the war begins. Not only wars,...
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How To Overcome Fear Of Change

Why Do I Fear Change? How To Overcome Fear Of Change?

Metathesiophobia is a phobia wherein people avoid changing their circumstances as they are afraid of being extremely unaware of the situations. Ever thought about why we are afraid...
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Resilience Counseling: Building Resilience With The Help Of Counselors

There are some people who have good resilience skills and they are good at thriving and bouncing back every time life challenges them. If you think you lack...
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Best Online Anxiety Support Groups

10 Best Online Anxiety Support Groups to Join in 2021

If you are looking for the best online anxiety support groups and you are a beginner, let us cover the basics first. Anxiety support groups are communities where...
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What is victim mentality

Victim Mentality: What is it, How to Identify, and How to deal?

Do you also snatch at someone by playing the victim when you have no control over situations? If you also blame other people or someone in particular for...
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Types Of Attraction And Their Meanings

I bet our regular readers know only one type of attraction which is physical attraction. And, you will be surprised to know that there are various types of...
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Reasons you should spend more time alone

Solitude: The Benefits Of Spending More Time Alone

We all cannot deny how much we feel disconnected from the world, especially when we are looking forward to great weekends. Also, modern society has completely changed the...
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Serial Monogamy

Are You A Serial Monogamist? Signs of This Relationship Style

You might have heard the term ‘serial monogamist.’ However, fewer people know about its actual meaning. I have seen people using this term jokingly to describe someone who...
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being blown off

Being Blown Off? Read This To Deal With Being Blown Off

One thing I would never get about dating is that you never know what they expect you to be! People found relationships hard, therefore; people started calling it...
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