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Aayushi Kapoor

Aayushi is a Content creator at Calm Sage. By education, she is a food technologist and nutritionist in making. Her constant interest towards the improvement of mental health drawn her to write. She likes to make an asynchronous connection with her readers. Her mantra for living life is "What you seek is seeking you". Apart from this, she is a foodie and dog lover.

Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy

Integrative Behavioral Couple Therapy: Key Towards Acceptance & Mindfulness

Per the title, integrative behavioral couple therapy is based on acceptance. The idea behind the…

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Best Self Care Ideas for a Healthy Mind Body & Soul

You might have heard this phrase a lot, “Mental health is equally as important as…

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Supplements for Treating Depression

10 Natural Supplements For Treating Depression (Approved By A Clinical Nutritionist)

Fighting depression and overcoming all the mood swings related to it can be really tough,…

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Best Apps to Manage ADHD

11 Best ADHD App of 2023 – Best App for People With ADHD

Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a mental disorder that is related to children and…

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Simple Mindsets to bring out the calm

How to Have a Positive Mindset Everyday

Somewhere in our lives, we are all trapped mentally because of pessimism. According to Study…

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My Husband is always angry

Husband Is Always Angry? Let’s Find Out What We Can Do

I have heard this from so many working and non-working women, “My husband is always…

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What is Compounded Grief

All You Need To Know About Compounded Grief

Grief is one of the feelings which is difficult to cope with. It can be…

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Best Time Management Apps

10 Best Time Management Apps Of 2023

We all certainly are aware of the importance of time management but still fail to…

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Why Successful People Struggle With Mental Illness

When I say name some impressive and successful people who struggled with mental illness…who would…

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