Behavioral Addiction, What Is It? | Types, Signs, Consequences & Treatment

When you hear the word addiction the few words that come to mind, I’m sure, are alcohol, drugs, and nicotine. Am I right? Most people seem to understand alcohol addiction, drug addiction, or depend...

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7 Best Online Sobriety Support Groups 2021

Alcohol may be an open and acceptable culture in the present and upcoming generations, its addiction can create numerous problems in personal and professional lives. Sobriety support groups are meant ...

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High-Functioning Alcoholics: Traits, Warning Signs & How To Help

Alcoholism is in itself a debilitating condition that can take a heavy toll on a person’s psyche and overall health. Alcoholism can also leave a devasting impact on a person’s professional and per...

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7 Ways On How To Deal With An Angry Drunk

“A man's true character comes out when he's drunk.” - Charlie Chaplin There are many intoxicated personalities that people can have. Mean drunk, happy drunk, sappy drunk, sad drunk, or angry ...

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2021’s Best Alcohol Addiction Recovery Apps You Should Consider

Recovering from alcohol addiction is not an easy journey. On that road to recovery, you stumble, you face challenges, but in the end, you come out a winner. A healthy, strong, and sober person. Whe...

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Alcohol Use Disorder: Definition, Symptoms, Types and Treatment

Alcoholism, previously known as “alcohol abuse” or “alcohol dependence”, can be clinically and formally termed as “Alcohol Use Disorder”. This disorder develops when you are dependent on s...

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Best Drug Addiction Rehab Centers Of 2021

Did you know that according to the World Drug Report by the WHO, it was reported that almost 35 million people are estimated to be suffering from drug use? Or that over 180 thousand deaths were direct...

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Best Online Resources For Smoking Cessation

It’s good that you’ve finally decided to quit smoking. If you’re still thinking or contemplating to do it or not…I personally recommend you to go for it. It’s totally worth doing it. And, I ...

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