Benefits Of Quitting Alcohol: Let’s Stay Alcohol-Free!

Last Update on April 26, 2024 : Published on April 26, 2024

Have you ever thought that alcohol is full of side effects… in the urge to get a temporary relaxation from our regular stress, we start consuming alcohol and unfortunately, the tolerance level keeps on building and our body starts acting negatively! Not only our physical health but regular alcohol consumption damages our mental health.

Heavy drinking increases the risk of developing alcoholic hepatitis, anxiety, cancer, dementia, depression, fibrosis, stroke, and more. On the other side, our relationships, social connections, and professional areas also depreciate. However, did I tell you that there are a lot of benefits to quitting alcohol?

The benefits of quitting alcohol keep on increasing and improving the longer you avoid consuming alcohol. In this blog, we will be taking a deep look at the benefits of quitting alcohol. 

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Mental Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol 

Alcoholism can cause mental health conditions such as bipolar disorder, schizophrenia, depression, anxiety, and more. Research shows that people start feeling more improved in their relationships, self-confidence, and work performance when they start avoiding alcohol for a longer time.

In my opinion, these improvements can only be maintained when people abstain from consuming alcohol permanently. Below listed are some of the important mental health benefits of quitting alcohol: 

1. Improves sleep 

Improved sleep and sobriety go hand in hand. If you want to improve your sleep pattern and promote good quality sleep for longer hours, start avoiding alcohol consumption and instantly see the results. According to studies, alcohol makes falling asleep difficult which apparently results in mental and physical health issues such as stress, sleep disorders, fatigue, depression, and more.

Moreover, the relationship between sleep and alcohol is quite complex, some people consume alcohol regularly to get to sleep but apparently, they are destroying their overall well-being. However, there are other effective ways to get better sleep or you can also connect with your mental health provider to learn effective strategies to fall asleep instantly. 

2. Improves memory 

When people stop drinking alcohol, the space in the brain where memories are stored (hippocampus) stops shrinking and starts re-building the ability to store new and long-term memories.

In some severe cases, the structural changes in the brain might not reverse, in such situations; improvements in short-term memories can also be seen. In order to observe such cognitive functioning improvements, you should stop drinking for at least two to four weeks. 

3. Improves levels of concentration and mood 

When you stop drinking, you start focusing more on the present and you start saving more energy for yourself, work, and relationships which apparently help in improving mood and concentration levels. Additionally, this results in increased production levels. 

4. Improves relationships and connections 

When you stop consuming alcohol and start interacting with people mindfully and soberly, you start building new, healthy, and positive connections with people. 

5. Reduces risk of mental health conditions

Excessive drinking leads to the development of mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression, stress, sleep apnea, and more. When someone quits alcohol, the body and brain functioning may take some time to rebuild the mental strength and resilience to protect the body and mind from illnesses. 

6. Promotes good quality of life 

When people stop drinking, they save money, start eating well, improve focus and concentration levels, and start living more mindfully. consecutively, this results in more improved quality of life and well-being. 

Physical Health Benefits of Quitting Alcohol

Below listed are some of the important physical health benefits of quitting alcohol: 

  1. Improved heart health
  2. Promotes healing in the liver 
  3. Promotes healthy weight or BMI
  4. Reduces risk of getting cancer
  5. Lowers blood pressure
  6. Improves sex life
  7. Promotes a healthy immune system
  8. Promotes good-looking skin

Take Away from the Author

Now, it’s a fact that alcohol consumers are aware of the benefits of quitting alcohol, but they’re still unable to do that because they struggle with alcohol withdrawal symptoms right after stopping the alcohol for a few days.

This results in a never-ending cycle of quitting alcohol. If you want to quit alcohol, know that there is support and help. You can find help through medications, behavioral interventions, and support groups for enhanced alcohol recovery. 

If you constantly struggle with alcohol withdrawal symptoms such as confusion, fatigue, lethargy, hallucinations, and others, connect with your physical health provider to seek the right diagnosis and treatment. In cases of mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, or sleep issues connect with a mental health professional. 

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I hope this blog helps you understand the mental and physical health benefits of quitting alcohol. Comment down and share your views on the same or you can also write to us at Calm Sage. 

Share this blog with your loved ones and promote a sober lifestyle for improved well-being and happy living!  

Thanks for reading.

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