Anxiety And Panic Disorders In Teens: How To Help A Teenager Struggling With Anxiety

Adolescence or teenage years are the most struggling and challenging years in a kid as well as in their parents’ lives. Anxiety in itself is a struggle to cope with but add in the hormonal and other...

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Can Anxiety Cause Shortness Of Breath? Understanding Its Symptoms & What To Do

What you struggle with during your anxiety attacks or episodes will be way different than what I or someone else would experience. The triggers, the symptoms, and even the causes of anxiety differ fro...

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Scared Of Making Friends? Tips To Make Friends When Struggling With Social Anxiety

Friendships are a big part of our lives but when you’re a teenager or a young adult making friends can be a challenging task. Friends make our daily lives fun and interesting. Many of our favorite m...

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The Benefits Of Anxiety: 5 Reasons Why Anxiety Is Good For You

When we recall the moments of anxiety, we recall the way our hearts raced, our chest tightened, and how fear of the unknown washed over us. But did you ever recall a time when anxiety actually helped ...

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What Is Free-Floating Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes & How To Cure it

When you feel a general sense of dread and uneasiness without any particular or specific cause, the feeling can be termed as free-floating anxiety. This term is used to describe the feelings of agitat...

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Does My Child Have Anxiety? | Anxiety Disorders In Children, Symptoms & How To Help

Navigating through childhood is in itself a challenging process but in recent times, ever since the global pandemic hit, anxiety dis...

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What Is Second-Hand Anxiety & How To Protect Yourself From It

You must have heard that laughter and happiness can be contagious but were you aware that anxiety and stress can be contagious as we...

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How To Be A Better Storyteller In A Socially Anxious State?

After understanding the power of storytelling on mental health, I was still running in a dilemma and nervous if I could be a better storyteller. My anxiety rushes in as soon as the thought of becoming...

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Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: Know The Difference

‘Panic attack’ and ‘anxiety attack’ are two terms that often leave people confused due to similarity in symptoms. Despite the shared symptoms between the two, there is a considerable differenc...

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