What Is Free-Floating Anxiety: Symptoms, Causes & How To Cure it

When you feel a general sense of dread and uneasiness without any particular or specific cause, the feeling can be termed as free-floating anxiety. This term is used to describe the feelings of agitat...

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Does My Child Have Anxiety? | Anxiety Disorders In Children, Symptoms & How To Help

Navigating through childhood is in itself a challenging process but in recent times, ever since the global pandemic hit, anxiety dis...

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What Is Second-Hand Anxiety & How To Protect Yourself From It

You must have heard that laughter and happiness can be contagious but were you aware that anxiety and stress can be contagious as we...

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How To Be A Better Storyteller In A Socially Anxious State?

After understanding the power of storytelling on mental health, I was still running in a dilemma and nervous if I could be a better storyteller. My anxiety rushes in as soon as the thought of becoming...

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Panic Attack vs Anxiety Attack: Know The Difference

‘Panic attack’ and ‘anxiety attack’ are two terms that often leave people confused due to similarity in symptoms. Despite the shared symptoms between the two, there is a considerable differenc...

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Attachment Anxiety: Symptoms, Treatment, Coping Skills, And More

Introduction to Attachment Anxiety Attachment anxiety takes place when someone experiences anxiety due to relationships with peop...

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High-Functioning Anxiety: What Is It & How To Cope With It

Anxiety can manifest itself in different ways - from panic attacks to ruminating thoughts - it can make our life a struggle. Anxiety disorders are one of the most common mental health conditions out t...

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10 Effective Tips To Deal With Anxiety

The number of people experiencing anxiety nowadays is increasing… ever wondered why? Maybe because we all are stuck in a pandemic situation, maybe because we worked really hard to get that appreciat...

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Coping Habits That Are Making Your Anxiety Worse & How To Change Them

Anxiety can make you feel terrible and it can severely affect your life in so many ways. It can affect your productivity, physical health, as well as emotional and mental health. There are times when ...

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