Are You Shy? Let’s Take A Look At The Benefits Of Being Shy

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benefits of being Shy Person

A lot of people asked me… is being shy a bad thing or attractive? Before I answer this; I think it’s important to take a look from both sides. Talking about the positive side, do you know there are a lot of benefits of being shy?

I could find a lot of studies that show how shy people succeed in life as compared to people who modify their personalities to extrovert-ism. In order to support my findings related to the benefits of being shy…I asked a lot of people to define shyness.

Most people define shyness as a feeling of discomfort or awkwardness in front of people. They were right, but sadly nobody added how caring, interested, and trustworthy shy people are. In this blog, let us take a look at the good facts about being shy, and let’s prove how shyness is not a bad thing to help shy people overcome social anxiety.

10 Benefits of Being Shy Person

1. Shy people are attractive.

Research shows that shy people are unpretentious which makes them more attractive as they receive compliments in the most positive way. They have great self-esteem which makes them attractive. Shy people accept compliments courteously which reminds them of their achievements. Additionally, shy people are assertive which makes them stand for themselves.

2. Shy people are great planners.

Shy people are great planners, no matter if their plans are impromptu or already decided. They know how to react right in the situation, even in moments of social anxiety. This trait makes them better decision-makers. They think carefully before speaking, planning, and deciding. They are best for planning the unexpected which makes them avoid unnecessary risks.

3. Shy people are approachable.

During normal levels of social anxiety or introversion, they are the most approachable you’ll ever meet. Their modesty sparks during that time and they might become the most comfortable and trustworthy around you. Their smile is so positive and contagious that it makes everyone’s day.

4. Shy people are calm, peaceful, and positive.

Shy people have a calming effect which can be contagious if you’re friends with shy people. They might have their inner turmoil but when it comes to their friendships or relationships, they are the calmest, peaceful, and positive people you’ll get to cherish. Their levels of calmness and ability to think before acting help in overcoming changes effectively.

5. Shy people are empathetic listeners.

If you have a friend who is a little introverted and shy, you must have observed he/she is an empathetic listener which makes them best and kind. They feel everything sensitively which makes them dig deep into the conversation. Consequently, shy people often make the best and most meaningful conversations.

6. Shy people navigate through difficulties resiliently.

Shy people have the ability to overcome challenges because they keep everything reserved. They know how to overcome difficult feelings, endure, and battle negative thoughts. Their personality is developed in such a way that they accurately know how to fight a battle, how to accept failures, and how to stand up again.

7. Shy people make deeper friendships.

Friendships with shy people are long-lasting and deep, study shows. Shy people are empathetic listeners which makes their friends supported, cared for, and listened to. Indeed, shy people value their friendships and relationships as compared to other personality traits.

8. Shy people enjoy solitude.

Shy people are truly made for the job which requires solitude. This is why; shy people make the best writers, artists, or whatnot! They perfectly do the job which requires fewer social ties, interruptions, and constant validations. Solitude works really great for their creative minds.

9. Shy people are trustworthy.

Research shows that shy people are trustworthy; they make conscious efforts to keep the relationship maintained. Their instincts are strong and they are great at analyzing the situations thoroughly.

10. Shy people are creative.

Research shows that shyness is linked to creativity; shy people have a rich imagination which hones their creativity.

11. Shy people are altruistic.

Shy people are altruistic; they find happiness in helping others. They are sensitive and empathetic which makes their kindness valuable.

A Word from the Author

Through this writing and compilation of studies, I believe I have justified why shyness is not a negative thing and why shy people are attractive. I have also discovered that shy people make great actors, writers, artists, comedians, and yes psychotherapists too.

Who all have believed that there’s something wrong with shyness, it’s high time to correct your facts? And always remember, it might be easy to judge others but it’s really difficult to keep yourself in the shoes of people, and that’s what makes shy people best and different from others!

I hope this blog helps you with good facts related to shyness. Comment down and share your views on the same. For more such content, connect with us through all social media platforms.

Thanks for reading!

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