Anxiety is a common issue nowadays and can have physical, social, and psychological effects. Our posts are here to help you know your anxiety and how you can cope with it

What Is Eco-Anxiety

What Is Eco-Anxiety? | Ways To Manage Ecological Anxiety

“The environment is getting polluted day by day. Global warming is making this blue planet…

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Ways to ease anxiety during Halloween

Coping With Trick-Or-Treaters: Ways To Ease Anxiety During Halloween

When I was young I literally waited for the cute costumes and spooky parades during…

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20+ Grounding Techniques For Anxiety You Can Try To Calm Down

One of the most common mental health concerns in today’s world is anxiety. Almost everyone…

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Autumn Anxiety Is Real

Autumn Anxiety Is Real – Why It Happens And How To Deal With It

The sweater season is almost here! It’s that time of year when the chill in…

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The Different Levels Of Anxiety You Should Know About

The Different Levels Of Anxiety You Should Know About

Anxiety is more than just nerves and unease about the past, present, and future. Anxiety…

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6 Simple Neuroplasticity Exercises to Rewire Your Anxious Brain

The brain is a complex organ but it’s beautiful. Our brain is constantly changing and…

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Do Weighted Blankets For Anxiety Work

Do Weighted Blankets For Anxiety Work In Calming You Down?

Whether you have an anxiety disorder or are prone to feeling anxious and stressed more…

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Power Of Mantra Healing For Anxiety

The Power Of Mantra Healing For Anxiety (With 7 Positive Mantras For Anxiety)

Mantras are a sound, word, or phrase that you repeat during your prayers or while…

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can extroverts have social anxiety

Can You Have Social Anxiety And Be An Extrovert?

Social anxiety is a type of anxiety disorder that is characterized by feeling extremely anxious…

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