Anxiety is a common issue nowadays and can have physical, social, and psychological effects. Our posts are here to help you know your anxiety and how you can cope with it

socially awkward how to overcome

Signs You Are Socially Awkward and How to Overcome

Are you clueless when it comes to following social norms? Or are you the one…

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Performance Anxiety

Break The Cycle Of Performance Anxiety In 7 Simple Ways

Quite a common experience is performance anxiety if you look at it. Before any important…

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Accepting Anxiety Only Makes You Stronger | 7 Ways To Accept Anxiety

Despite what we think, we feel comfortable in our suffering. This faux acceptance is due…

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OCD And Social Anxiety: Is There A Relationship Between The Two?

Obsessive-compulsive disorder or OCD and social anxiety disorder or SAD are both considered types of…

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Completion Anxiety And Its Causes + How To Get Over This Anxiety

Procrastination is something that we’re all intimately familiar with but have you ever wondered what…

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Why Do You Get Anxiety Dreams? (What You Can Do About It)

A good night’s rest is all we need to feel refreshed - mind and body.…

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Butterflies In The Stomach: Is It Anxiety Or Just Nerves?

Just before going on the stage for either a performance or public speaking, it’s common…

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Sensory Overload Cause Anxiety

Can Sensory Overload Cause Anxiety? Here’s How To Cope With It

Do you feel yourself becoming overstimulated and anxious in crowds or because of loud noises?…

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Chronic Anxiety

Chronic Anxiety: Types, Symptoms, Causes, Treatment, And More

We all feel anxious from time to time. We often get anxious due to workload,…

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