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Navigating Transactional Relationships

Navigating Transactional Relationships: Characteristics, Implications, And Moving On

Relationships, to me, are the type of hike that leaves you breathless and overwhelmed; in…

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Code-Switching In Psychology: Understanding The Both Sides

Many of us use the word “code-mixing” or code-switching” without even realizing the actual meaning…

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Do You Feel Worthless In Relationships

Do You Feel Worthless In Relationships? Learn About Imposter Syndrome In Relationships

We often feel unworthy or worthless due to personal or professional issues, but do you…

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Demiromantic What It Means – 9 Signs You Might Be Demiromantic

When someone tells about their love story in movies or real life, it is usually…

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What is Dismissive Avoidant Attachment

Do You Avoid Emotional Connections? Learn About Dismissive Avoidant Attachment

Are you someone who avoids emotional connection, attachment, or closeness in your relationships? Do you…

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Guide-Me: How To Recognize Patronizing Behavior In Relationships?

Patronizing behavior is non-negotiable for me, or you can say a deal-breaker for me! Sadly,…

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How Much Space Is TOO Much Space? Let’s Find The Right Balance

What’s the key to a perfect relationship or a marriage? Uhmm…. Doing each and everything…

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Depression In Relationships

How To Cope With Depression When You’re In A Relationship

Dealing with depression can alone be a struggle but when you’re in a committed, loving…

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Emotional Cheating

Emotional Cheating Is More Traumatic Than Other Affairs | Signs Of An Emotional Affair & How To Cope

Infidelity or cheating is one of the worst betrayals anyone can face in a relationship…

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