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Tips To Set Healthy Boundaries When Dating

How to Set Boundaries in a New Relationship

Boundaries are important in relationships - whether it be a new relationship, marriage, or even…

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Guide-Me: How To Recognize Patronizing Behavior In Relationships?

Patronizing behavior is non-negotiable for me, or you can say a deal-breaker for me! Sadly,…

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Shallow Person traits

10 Traits to Help You Spot a Shallow Person from a Mile Away

In our lives, we meet many people - some are worth keeping in our lives…

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Touch Starved how to self sooth

Understanding Touch Starvation And Its Effects on Our Mental Well-Being

As an introvert, I’ve never been comfortable in a crowd or in a social environment…

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Avoiding Nitpicking in Relationships

Understanding Nitpicking: Definition, Signs, Impacts, And How To Avoid

It really annoys us when someone keeps on finding faults that are not even important!…

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Signs of Fake Friends

Friend or Foe? Signs of Fake Friends And How to Move On

One of the things I’ve always looked up to in my life has been my…

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Soul Ties: Recognizing Soul Ties And Breaking The Unhealthy Connections

We see different shades of relationships throughout, some of them are healthy and some of…

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How to Stop Thinking About Someone

How to Stop Thinking About Someone: 14 Ways to Get Them Off Your Mind

Have you ever been stuck in a situation when you were not able to stop…

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The Telltale Signs You're Forcing a Relationship That Isn't Meant to Be

The Telltale Signs You’re Forcing a Relationship That Isn’t Meant to Be

I’ve met couples who perfectly fit in each other’s space and life and I’ve met…

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