Understanding Depression: Does Depression Ever Go Away?

Depression is a little more than just feeling “low” or “blue”, it is a serious mental health condition that can have severe long-lasting effects on a person’s health and wellness. Depress...

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Is There Something Wrong With Me?

Indeed, life is full of roller coasters and every day is not the same. Similarly, everyone’s experiences through struggles and hard times are different. Some people can overcome them easily meanwhil...

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Existential Depression: Meaning, Signs, Causes & Treatment

What is the meaning of my life? What is my purpose in this life? Why was I put on this Earth? Have you ever thought about these questions, immediately followed by feelings of dread and distress? If ...

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Signs OF Hidden Depression- PS: It’s Okay!

Ever thought about why do people hide depression? Simple, because it’s a part of stigma! If partners, family members, or society were ready to talk about it with full acceptance and knowledge…why ...

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Common Types Of Teenage Depression That You Should Be Aware Of!

Teens are quite famous for their dramatics when it comes to life so more often than not when a teen says, “I’m depressed” we don’t tend to take it seriously. A teen’s penchant for exaggerati...

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Depression And Insomnia: What Is It & How To Treat Depression Insomnia

Feeling depressed? Have trouble sleeping? You are not alone. Depression and insomnia, more often than not, go hand-in-hand. This close relationship between depression and insomnia is complicated and ...

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Do I Have A Crippling Depression? How To Deal With It?

Crippling depression is a form of clinical depression or a major depressive disorder that can make a person feel debilitating. This condition shows remarkably depressive episodes and the individual is...

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What Is Agitated Depression: Causes, Symptoms And Treatment

Just like the term agitation comes with trouble, anxiety, upset mood and anger, agitated depression comes with common symptoms like restlessness, fidgeting, excessive talking and sudden outbursts. Agi...

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Catatonic Depression: Symptoms, Causes & Treatment

Catatonia is a neuro-psychiatric behavioral condition that can be described by abnormal movements, behaviors, etc. While catatonia can be related to psychotic disorders such as schizophrenia, it is mo...

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