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Master Your Mood Swings: Learn the Causes, Red Flags, and Ways to Tame Them

Do you often find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, where at one point you might find yourself being all happy go lucky at one moment and experiencing oh my life phase on the next! If yes, then...

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Nomophobia: Everything You Need To Know About Phone Addiction

No one can deny the fact that smartphones or mobile phones have become an omnipresent part of this modern era. Previously, the ph...

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What Is Hoarding Disorder: Do’s & Don’ts of Helping Someone

Hoarding disorder is a real and serious mental health condition that can be frustrating and difficult if you’re helping someone with a hoarding disorder. Someone dealing with a hoarding problem has ...

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Monsters Under Your Bed: What Is Teraphobia & How To Cope?

As a kid, did the thought of monsters hidden below your bed frighten you? Did you feel that the monster that you saw in a movie will peek at you from inside the closet? If it happened with you in chil...

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The Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Swimming You Never Knew About

When we talk of visualization for mental health we often ask a person to visualize seaside, beach, or water flowing. Reason being that looking at water makes us feel calm, peaceful, and relaxed. Imagi...

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Weighing The Differences Between Panic Disorder And GAD

Everyone gets confused between panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder (GAD). Even there was a time when I got confused between the two distinct mental health conditions due to some common sig...

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Understanding Xenophobia: Characteristics, Types, Impact & How-To Deal With It

Xenophobia (pronounced zee-no-fo-bee-ah) can be described as fear or discomfort of strangers or foreigners. Hostility toward someone different from us (in ethnicity, language, etc) can be considered a...

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Debunking Myths About Autism Spectrum Disorder

April is marked as Autism Awareness Month. You can learn about Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) from different sources, but the misconceptions circulating around it hold us back from seeing the full pic...

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10 Best Online Divorce Support Groups to Approach

Going through a divorce is never easy. There are so many things that one becomes liable to do, hundreds of people to meet, thousands of questions to answer, tons of formalities, and yes, how can one f...

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