Mental Health

These Surprising Health Benefits Of Smiling Would Make You Smile Instantly

“Life is like a mirror. Smile at it and it smiles back at you.” Why don’t you open your phone’s selfie camera or webcam and give yourself a broad smile right now? If you are following me and ...

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What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed With Life

Are you feeling dumped under the pile of To-do List? Or your day has been busy enough that you couldn’t find a free slot for yourself? Basically, you are in the “Too much to handle” phase of ...

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Feeling Depressed? We are here to Help you Deal with Depression

Working on Your Depression Can you treat a wound without knowing where it is? How intense is it? Or without proper medicinal care? No! The same applies to feelings of depression. Before we start wo...

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Best Motivational Documentaries On Netflix to Guide Your Life

No longer there is a mileage to be gained from the opposition between fiction and reality… But documentaries have become a means to re-establish a relationship between reality. With that said, b...

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Mental and Physical Health Benefits of Running

Running is a great form of exercise. It is simple, doesn’t need a lot of equipment and also you can run even on the side of a road if there isn’t too much traffic. It is popular and rather inexpen...

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Top 20 Best motivational Speakers (Male & Female) 2020

Some motivational speakers are blessed with powerful and convincing oration skills that their words leave a deep impression on our minds. We feel more confident, inspired and take up new challenges on...

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11 Pictures That Will Instantly Make You Happy!

Happiness is everywhere! All we need is a right perception to see it. Despite this we know the world is an amalgam of positive and negative things. Even you too have come across a person who has done ...

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Best Online Anger Management Classes Of 2020

Anger is a natural human emotion and its presence is alright until it gets out of control. People who tend to get uncontrollably angry could face both mental and physical problems like headache, depre...

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10 Best Psychology Books Every Student Must Read in 2020

The more you learn about human psychology, the better you understand human behavior. To understand the depth of science behind human minds, there are some psychology books that are backed up with crea...

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