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Are You An Omega Male? Here Are 11 Omega Male Personality Traits To Help You Identify Your Personality

Alpha, sigma, beta, delta, gamma, omega... You must have heard of these terms when it comes to defining personalities but were you aware of each personality trait and how they differ from each other? ...

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Vocabulary Woes: Can Unusually Long Words Trigger Fear In People?

As strange as it may sound, the phobia of long words is real. There is N number of phobias that exist. We just don’t know about them because they haven’t been given any name yet. But even the ones...

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Fear of Being Happy: How To Overcome Cherophobia?

Have you been in a situation where you were extremely happy but feared expressing it? I sometimes hold my happiness because I fear that I will jinx it! You do that too or am I the only one doing this?...

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Are You An Emotionally Intelligent Person? 15 Signs That Say You Have High Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Are you in control of your emotions or are your emotions in control of you? Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, control, and assess your emotions. And while many experts believe...

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Mini-Guide: Megalophobia (Fear Of Large Objects)

Megalophobia which is a fear of large objects sounds weird but it is a common fear that most people experience. Talking about large objects, they could be anything, like big buildings, cars, trucks, o...

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10 Stigmatizing Phrases to Stop Using Right Now!

“Nothing’s going right, I feel so depressed!” “This play is making me feel suicidal” ever used these statements? Have you casually claimed to have an OCD regarding something very general? ...

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Art Cures Everything: Can Creativity Help Deal With OCD?

Obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) is very common. We see so many people struggling with it. No matter how much they try to avoid the obsessive thoughts, it keeps coming back. Although many people ta...

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An Overview Of Angrophobia: The Fear Of Anger Or Becoming Angry

Anger is a common emotion we feel almost daily. Whether it is because someone cut in front of us in a line or if we heard something unpleasant, anger is an emotion that sums it all up, right? But did ...

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Does Anxiety Cause Irrational Thoughts & How To Overcome Them?

Do you think negative thoughts every day, no matter how good the situation is? Are your thoughts controlling your actions and your performance? These kinds of irrational thoughts can cause us to feel ...

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