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Master Your Mood Swings: Learn the Causes, Red Flags, and Ways to Tame Them

Do you often find yourself on an emotional roller coaster, where at one point you might find yourself being all happy go lucky at one moment and experiencing oh my life phase on the next! If yes, then...

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10 Healthy Tips To Help You Cope With Divorce & Separation

Breaking up your marriage, either through a divorce or through separation, can be draining and challenging - emotionally, mentally, and physically. While divorce and separation are fairly common in re...

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Managing Conflicts In Relationship: Effective Communication Tips

Relationships can be tough to handle sometimes due to conflicts. Indeed, conflicts bring sourness to the relationship. Everyone is not trained to manage conflicts so that no one gets hurt. However,...

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‘The Book Of Moods’: Science Of Moods Explained By Lauren Martin

‘The Book Of Moods: How I Turned My Worst Emotions Into My Best Life’ is a beautifully researched book by author Lauren Martin. She wrote the book after 5 years of research during which she strugg...

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Understand Types Of Discipline For Children: Avoid Corporal Punishment

Kids would always want to do things that they want and don’t wish anyone to stop them. Ya, it sounds good but practically it is not the right idea. Parents are the guiding light to provide discip...

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How To Build Mental Resilience Like A Stoic

Building resilience is such an amazing skill to carry as it helps us in recovering instantly from difficult situations. Do you know what resilience means? In simple words, whenever life knocks you dow...

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Your Complete Co-parenting Guide | Don’t Let Separation Affect Your Child

Not all relationships and marriages work as people in it plan them to work. Which often result in separation and divorces. And while the partners decide to move ahead in their life, the parents have d...

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Unplug To Unwind: 5 Simple Ways To Unplug & Be More Mindful

These days everything we do is controlled by technology - from our homes to work and life. This constant interference of technology in our lives has caused us to forget what it was like to play outsid...

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My Mom Hates Me : 8 Things To Do When You Feel Your Parent Hates You

I know the feeling when you are hated by someone and when it’s your mother, it feels specifically terrible. Learning about why my mom hates me can be tricky and it might be really difficult to addre...

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