15 Best Self Help Books for Depression and Anxiety 2024

Last Update on December 22, 2023 : Published on March 19, 2020
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We all know that books are the best escape from the world when we are stressed. Reading books is very beneficial for battling anxiety and depression. Some people refer to reading books as “Bibliotherapy”.

So, for those who are struggling with anxiety or depression in their daily lives, we have adjoined the top 15 self-improvement books for sailing through this tough phase like a champ!

So let’s get started with the small reviews of the books for self-improvement.

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15 Best Rated Self Help Books for Mental Health:

1. The Antidote: Happiness for People Who Can’t Stand Positive Thinking

The book is written by Oliver Burkman, it is a self-help book that responds to people to look for a positive side. Oliver has written this book from an existential perspective. Throughout the book, Oliver explained to bury negative feelings and embrace positivity.

the Antidote

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2. Against Depression

Author of Against Depression is Peter Kramer. Peter has used unusual statements such as denoting depression as a physical disease that needs to be cured. Peter has also provided recommendations to battle depression. It is one of the best self-help books.

against Depression

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3. Change your brain, Change your life

Change your brain, change your life is one of the bestselling books of Daniel G. Amen. Daniel has helped his readers to fight depression with the help of brain prescriptions. Meanwhile, the writer has shared tips for controlling anger and anxiety.

change your brain, Change your life

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4. Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Anxiety: A Step-By-Step Program

The book is written by William J. Kanus and is one of the famous self-help books around the globe. The specialty of this book is the step-by-step program to recover from depression. This book is also used by psychologists as a workbook for evaluating the depression of patients.

cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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5. Control Your Depression

The author of “control your Depression” is Peter Lewinsohn. The book provides the meaning of life to the readers. Throughout the book, Peter has added tough questions which make the readers think about their miserable life which adds positivity in return.

control Your Depression

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6. Depression-Free, Naturally

The book is written by a Nutritionist Joan Matthews Larson. The motive of Joan is to make readers understand the deficiencies and imbalances of nutrients in a human boy during the depression. Throughout the book, Larson focused on the tips for different nutrients, minerals and essential supplements.

depression-Free, Naturally

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7. The Depression Cure

“The Depression Cure” is one of the bestselling books of Stephen S. Ilardi as the book self-helps people to overcome depression without the use of old medication. The book classifies the six important elements of life that self-help the person to recover from the symptoms of depression.

the Depression Cure

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8. The Depression Workbook

The Depression Workbook is one of the must-have books by Mary Ellen Copeland. The book focuses on building self-confidence and learning mindfulness. It also recommends developing your own self-management plan to beat the blue of depression and anxiety.

the Depression Workbook

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9. Full Catastrophe Living

The writer Jon Kabat-Zinn has introduced some helpful habit-forming tips in the book which made the book famous around the globe. Throughout the book, the writer has used inspiring quotations, yoga, and meditation which are designed to reduce the feelings of anxiety and depression.

full Catastrophe Living

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10. Feeling Good

The big takeaway from the book by David Burns is “the mind is a powerful thing when it comes to overcoming our moods and emotions, if you can change the way you think, then you can change the way you feel.” The book explains to us the easiest ways to distort negative feelings from our minds.

feeling Good

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11. The CBT Toolbox: A Workbook for Clients and Clinicians

The CBT Toolbox A Workbook for Clients and Clinicians

The CBT Toolbox is more based on technical terms related to psychology. It’s quite a different workbook due to its special content for people battling depression.

If you or your loved ones are battling with depression and undergoing CBT then you should opt for this book without a second thought. This book comes with various helpful exercises which are determined by the Cognitive Behavioral Therapy method. 

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12. Cognitive Behavioural Therapy: 7 Ways to Freedom from Anxiety, Depression, and Intrusive Thoughts

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

This book is by Lawrence Wallace and it is based on “happiness is trainable, attainable skill!” Wallace has included various helpful tools for the readers so that they can learn self-help and self-compassion.

Each and every activity included in this book revolves around CBT which helps in overcoming depression. The most special thing I liked about this book is that it also comprises inspiring personal anecdotes. 

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13. Furiously Happy: A Funny Book About Horrible Things

Furiously Happy

If you’re really looking for something with humor and fun then you should probably go for Jenny Lawson’s, Furiously Happy! It is one of the bestselling books which are based on crippling depression and anxiety.

The author has shared honest experiences and struggles with a hint of humor. Overall, this book is an entertaining read with lots of laughter and humor. 

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14. Hardcore Self Help

Hardcore Self Help

This book is written by Robert Duff which is based on the theory, “no psychobabble self-help book people that don’t usually like self-help books.” All the books by Robert Duff are readable and easy to understand.

This blog consists of the energy which might motivate the readers to do better in life. Duff has included realistic steps that are easy to take and easy to solve. 

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15. How to be happy (or at least less sad): A Creative Workbook

How to be happy

This book is written by Lee Crutchley, the book is a light-hearted approach for someone experiencing and battling with depression. This book is unique and fun which helps readers to walk through a procedure of self-help. It brings pleasure and more positivity to life.

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Thanks for reading. Be positive and stay healthy.

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