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Demystifying Weighted Blankets: Are They Actually That Good?

Have you heard of weighted Blankets yet? If you haven't heard of it, you have come to the right place.  This blog is all about weighted blankets, who all can benefit from it and it’s pros and cons....

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The Amazing Mental Health Benefits Of An Emotional Support Animal

Can you relate when after a long stressful day, you come home, snuggle with your pet and feel the stress melt away, or when you just want to cry your heart out, your pet lays its head on your lap and ...

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The Power Of Silence: Uncovering The Mental Health Benefits Of Silence

Can you hear that? The constant noise of the traffic outside, the non-stop pinging of your phone, the noise from the TV show your partner is watching? Can you hear that? The fact of the matter is t...

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Be Your Own Shield! Here’s What To Do When Your Support System Abandons You?

Unfortunately there are hundreds of people who have been abandoned by their friends and family. According to a survey conducted recently in Los Angeles, almost 22,000 children are abandoned every year...

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Do What Thou Wilt: How Does Conformity Influence Your Behavior

Have you ever been in a situation when you didn’t want to go somewhere but you still went just because your friends wanted to go? Been there right? This kind of behavior is related to conformity. A...

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5 Myths About Burnout You Need To Understand [And The Truth Behind Burnout]

It’s the dreaded Monday morning but you don’t have the energy to feel the dread? Are you overworking yourself so much that you don’t have enough time for yourself or your family? Have you forgot...

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What is Emotional Avoidance? Here’s How to Use Negative Emotions in Your Favor

Emotions are powerful. They can be very scary at times and all you want is for them to vanish. Since emotions are not going to go away on their own, we sometimes push them away. And once you start doi...

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Does Gender Stereotype Language Impact Our Mental Health?

For a long time we all have been facing differentiation on the basis of our gender. Both men and women haven’t had anything easy. We get to listen to things that are bizarre every day. Don’t we? ...

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Digital Self Harm A Rising Concern: What To Do When Teens Self Cyberbully?

Many of us, whether they be adults or teens, spend the majority of our time online rather than offline. Considering the current pandemic, more and more teens are spending their time staying connected ...

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