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Fawn Response To Trauma: What Is It And Ways To Unlearn Your Fawn Response

If you know about the post-traumatic stress disorder or trauma, you know the basic response - the flight, fight and freeze response - but did you know that there’s a fourth response to trauma as wel...

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The Anniversary Effect! Does It Indicate You Aren’t Yet Over Your Trauma? | Here’s how you can deal with it

One of the most common examples of the anniversary effect is you start acting weird around the time of your loved one’s initial death anniversaries. Losing someone is traumatic for most people and w...

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What Is Toxic Masculinity? Addressing The Stigma, Understanding The Effects & How To Deal With It

In recent years, I’ve frequently heard the term “Toxic Masculinity” floating around in my peers and friends but at the same time, I’ve seen the misinterpretation of this term as well. Many pe...

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Why Do I Cry So Easily? Understanding Your Sensitive Side

During the global pandemic i have heard so many people complain about how easily they start crying even on the slightest of things.  Have you been oversensitive too lately? The past year has been dif...

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Therapy For Women, By Women: Understanding Feminist Therapy

Acknowledging societal causes and biases when you’re a woman can be hard, especially in a field previously dominated by men. Karen Horney first coined the term, Feminist Therapy in her book, “Femi...

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Demystifying Weighted Blankets: Are They Actually That Good?

Have you heard of weighted Blankets yet? If you haven't heard of it, you have come to the right place.  This blog is all about weighted blankets, who all can benefit from it and it’s pros and cons....

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The Amazing Mental Health Benefits Of An Emotional Support Animal

Can you relate when after a long stressful day, you come home, snuggle with your pet and feel the stress melt away, or when you just want to cry your heart out, your pet lays its head on your lap and ...

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The Power Of Silence: Uncovering The Mental Health Benefits Of Silence

Can you hear that? The constant noise of the traffic outside, the non-stop pinging of your phone, the noise from the TV show your partner is watching? Can you hear that? The fact of the matter is t...

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Be Your Own Shield! Here’s What To Do When Your Support System Abandons You?

Unfortunately there are hundreds of people who have been abandoned by their friends and family. According to a survey conducted recently in Los Angeles, almost 22,000 children are abandoned every year...

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