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What does the law of vibration say? Ways To Raise Your Vibration

The Law of Vibration is one of the basic laws of the universe. In fact…

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Reset Your Sleep Schedule With These Simple Yet Effective Ways!

Have you ever wondered why you feel sleepy at the same time every night? Or…

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Low On Serotonin? These Foods Decrease Serotonin Levels + Food That Boost Serotonin

We all need a break from the afternoon slumps, especially when working from home. Those…

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What is Eustress and 9 Real-Life Examples of Eustress

Whenever you hear the word “stress” what comes to your mind... I know by hearing…

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Understanding Enmeshment

Understanding Enmeshment: Causes, Signs & How To Break Free

Forming attachments is natural and all of us -…

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8 Headspace Alternatives You Can Try For Meditation And Relaxation

With life becoming more and more challenging as the days pass by, stress is inevitable…

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crippling anxiety

Crippling Anxiety: Signs, Symptoms & How To Manage It

When you are not able to manage your anxiety and it’s going out of your…

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Is Social Media Beneficial or Detrimental? | The Problems And Benefits Of Social Media Use

During the Pandemic we have all been on social media for hours at a stretch.…

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Let’s Create Your Personalized Daily Routine In 5-Minutes

Setting up an organized routine is more of an art with a dash of science.…

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