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Traumatic Invalidation

The Silent Struggle of Traumatic Invalidation (And How to Cope With It)

Our emotions are complex and to appease them we often seek validation. Validation of our…

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health and wellness trends in upcoming year

Top 10 Wellness Trends You Have To Try In 2024

The last two years have been a crazy rollercoaster ride, to say the least. Not…

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Self-Injury Awareness Month

Self-Injury Awareness Month 2024: Let’s Break The Silence

“You don't feel like you're hurting yourself when you're cutting. You feel like this is…

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What is Crack Addiction

What Is Crack Addiction?

Excessive usage of crack cocaine can cause an overdose or other serious or life-threatening side…

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Financially abusive Relationship

How to Leave a Financially Dependent Toxic Relationship

Are you stuck in a financially dependent, toxic, and abusive relationship and want to get…

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What is Family Constellation Therapy

What Is Family Constellation Therapy?

Family therapy has always proved to be one of the effective treatment options for resolving…

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The Do's and Don'ts of Festive Eating

Savor The Feast: The Dos And Don’ts of Festive Eating!

As we welcome the season of joy and, of course, celebrations, we can’t leave the…

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Getting Along with Everyone

From Strangers to Friends: 10 Tips for Getting Along with Everyone

We meet people from every walk of life and with blended interactions with different personalities.…

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The Hopeful Pink: What Does The Color Pink Mean in Psychology?

Life without colors would be so dull, wouldn’t it? Colors add a sense of mystique…

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