This Viral Color Oracle Test Is The Personality Test You Need To Take NOW!

Last Update on October 27, 2021 : Published on October 28, 2021
Color Oracle Test

“Color! What a deep and mysterious language, the language of dreams.” – Paul Gauguin

There is a new personality test that’s trending on social media these days. As someone who takes regular personality tests, I found this particular color personality test quite fascinating. The test I’m talking about probably has one of the most accurate results I’ve ever come across.

The Color Oracle Personality Test is a psychological color test developed by a Swiss astrologer and art teacher, Johannes Schneider. With several decades of research and practice under his belt in understanding the effects of color on the psyche, this color test is designed to assess your current state of mind, what is important to you right now, and what you’re most anxious about.

the Color Oracle Personality Tes

This test is free to take and is available here online. Color Oracle Test

Unlike other personality tests, this color oracle personality test doesn’t ask invasive questions or ask you to rate your qualities. All this test asks is for you to select from 25 color swatches the color you find most pleasant and the color you find most unpleasant.

When you visit the test page, it’ll ask you to rate six colors you find most pleasing and most unpleasing (out of the 25 colors).

rate six colors

For the best (and accurate) result, the choice you make must be made in the moment and quickly. When choosing, it’s best to not pick a color based on your bias or favorite color. For example, don’t pick a shade of green just because green’s your favorite color.

Instead, look at the colors and find the one that matches your mood in that moment. When you do this, only then the results of the color oracle test would be spot on and accurate.

The ranking of the colors would help determine your current mood, the qualities that are of great importance to you now, and at the moment what you’re feeling most anxious about. Apart from this, the test will help you give clues on what you might need right now and how you can deal with your current predicament.

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How To Take The Color Oracle Test?

To take the color oracle personality test, all you need to do is look at the 25 color swatches and pick the shade you find the most pleasing first.

There are 12 boxes in which you need to drag and place the color you’ve chosen inside. Once you’ve picked the color you find most pleasing, drag and place it in box 1. Next, you need to select the color you find most unpleasant from the swatches given and drag it into box 2 (right below box 1).

How To Take The Color Oracle Test

You need to continue this pattern (pleasant first, unpleasant second) until all the 12 boxes are filled.

Once you’re done, click on the “Continue To Interpretation” button to get the reading. After this, you’ll be directed to the page that will show you your results starting with your general disposition, what is of great importance to you right now, and what you’re most anxious about right now.

Continue To Interpretation

And trust me, this color oracle test couldn’t have been more spot on and accurate! Take the test yourself here!

What I Found – The Interpretation

Once you’ve selected the colors you find most pleasant and most unpleasant, you’ll be directed to the next page where you’ll find interpretive texts based on your choice. In some cases, you’ll also find additional suggestions that can help you deal with an aspect in more detail.

The unconscious mind plays a major role in the color selection process. Just like tarot reading, it is advisable to NOT repeat the color test too often as it may affect the quality of your interpretation. Take the results as they are even if you find them uncomfortable.

The first text you’ll find is about your general disposition and what kind of behavior you might be exhibiting in the present moment.

your general disposition

The second result you’ll be presented with would be an interpretation of the colors you find most pleasing.

interpretation of the colors you find most pleasing

To me, the quality of great importance right now is optimistic self-encouragement. This test gives me an insight into what my priorities should be and then it gives me a way in “You can ask yourself” what I need.

For Example: “Do I take due consideration of the needs and difficulties of other people while acting with such vigor? Wouldn’t it be more sensible at times to employ more subtle measures instead of using my elbows?”

After this, the following texts interpret what my color selection says about my current psyche:

color selection

Once this is done, the test takes you to the Interpretation of the colors you find most unpleasant.

Interpretation of the colors you find most unpleasant

For me, what I feel most anxious about is due to my unpleasant contentiousness. This test gives me an insight into the reasons I might be anxious because of and what my unconscious is advising me to do.

For Example:“When you get upset because you have to deal with your problems and worries on your own, don’t allow resentment to build up inside you as a result. By harboring resentments you hurt yourself and you don’t motivate anyone to provide you with moral or practical support. Do yourself the work that is necessary to solve your problems. This will give you a positive feeling of self-worth.”

After this, the following texts interpret what my color selection says about my current subconscious state and what I can do to feel better.

subconscious state

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My Thoughts On The Color Oracle Test

I’d say that this color oracle test was quite eye-opening. I learned a lot about my subconscious and the decisions that drive my current state of mind. With this color personality test, you can also learn a lot about yourself based on your reaction to the result rather than the result itself.

All things considered, I found the viral and trending Color Oracle Test worth taking and rewarding – in its own way. This test helped strengthen my belief that color psychology plays a huge role in our everyday lives and our subconscious state.

The Color Oracle Personality Test is offered free of charge here and you can also find the author Johannes Schneider’s works on other interpretations such as “Color Horoscope” here.

Go and take this test NOW and let me know in the comments below if this test accurately guessed your current state of mind or not!

Take Care!

This article is solely based on the author’s research and is not supposed to be an interpretation of color psychology by any means. For any queries, you can contact us at or DM us on social media.

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