Exploring Commander Type: Extraverted, Intuitive, Thinking, And Judging (ENTJ)

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Commander personality includes extraversion, intuition, thinking, and judging (ENTJ). It is one of the 16 personality types identified in the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). Assertive, outspoken, and confident are the three main characteristics of ENTJ or commander personality.

ENTJs are rare, only making up about 2% of the general population. Can you think of a personality or loved one belonging to the ENTJ or commander personality? If yes, comment down in the below section. 

Do you know famous personalities like Kamala Harris, Mindy Kaling, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Bill Gates, Carl Sagan, Lex Luthor, and Vince Lombardi identified as ENTJ personalities? Do you relate yourself or your loved one as an extraversion, intuitive, thinking, and judging (ENTJ)? Read this blog to know more about the commander or ENTJ personality type from MBTI. 

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What is the ENTJ Personality Type? 

ENTJ or commander personality includes extraverted, intuitive, thinking, and judging (ENTJ). ENTJs are energized, focused, and logical personality types with spontaneity and flexibility. They have creative vision and you can find them presenting ideas in front of everyone. Consecutively, they are natural leaders with confidence and charisma. In psychology, there are two subtypes of ENTJ personality, ENTJ-A and ENTJ-T: 

ENTJ-A: ENTJ-A is referred to as an assertive commander personality who is confident, follows the path of self-acceptance, is less emotionally reactive, and manages regular negative and stress efficiently. 

ENTJ-T: ENTJ-T is referred to as a turbulent commander personality who seeks attention and validation, is aggressive and jealous, sensitive and emotionally driven as compared to ENTJ-A. 

The Making of ENTJ Personality

  1. Extraversion: ENTJs are characterized as one of the most energized personalities with enthusiasm, outgoing, and observant nature. 
  2. Intuitive: ENTJs are action-oriented, focused, and innovative personalities who often look at theoretical information for decision-making. 
  3. Thinking: ENTJs make effective decisions after looking at facts, reasoning, and logic behind the situation. They are natural problem solvers and critical thinkers. 
  4. Judging:  ENTJs are highly organized and structured and they find satisfaction in stability, order, and organization. 

Fact Check: ENTJ Personality Type

  • ENTJs are rare, only making up to about 2% of the general population wherein 1.5% are females and 2.3% are males. 
  • Famous ENTJ personalities: General Normal Schwarzkopf, Douglas MacArthur, Mindy Kaling, Harrison Ford, and Bill Gates
  • With their strong leadership and communication skills, suitable career options for ENTJs can be management, company CEO, entrepreneur, business analyst, software developer, scientist, professor, and lawyer. 
  • ENTJ Hobbies and Interests: Taking leadership positions, attending social events, and playing sports. 

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Characteristics of ENTJ Personality

Below listed are some of the main characteristics of an ENTJ personality: 

  • Action-planners 
  • Charge-taking personality 
  • Decision-making is based on logical and objective information 
  • Energized 
  • Enjoys spending time with people 
  • Filled with a sense of control and predictability 
  • Focused on theoretical or abstract ideas over concrete details 
  • Future-focused or future-planner personality 
  • Great at spotting or finding solutions or spotting problems 
  • Highly rational 
  • Loves interacting with people 
  • Natural leadership skills 
  • Not good with emotions 
  • Strong verbal skills 
  • Tends to hide their own sentimental or emotions 

Strengths and Weaknesses of ENTJ Personality 

Below listed are some of the strengths and weaknesses of an ENTJ or commander personality type: 

Strengths of ENTJ

Weaknesses of ENTJ

  • Natural leadership skills
  • Tends to hide their own emotions
  • Action-oriented, charge-taking, and decision-making personality
  • Not a great dealer of other’s emotions
  • Well-organized and self-assured
  • Can sometimes be aggressive, intolerant, or aggressive
  • Outspoken, confident, and assertive
  • Insensitive and impatient
  • Strong communication skills
  • Intolerant, cold, and ruthless

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ENTJ Personality in Different Areas of Life 

1. Relationship

ENTJs are like other extroverts, they are outspoken, confident, and gain energy by socializing with people. They are interested in having conversations with people. Their confidence level is so maintained that they are also great influencers.

They are great idea providers and they like to provide their point of views. They have strong verbal skills which is why they are understood by others. However, they tend to hide their emotions and are not really great at understanding other’s emotions.

Expressing and understanding emotions is a big task for them. They can sometimes become argumentative, aggressive, and confrontational. Sometimes, they may express their feelings in front of their loved ones but they are always counted as insensitive. 

2. Career 

ENTJs are great communicators, they find solutions to every problem efficiently, and they have an ability to make decisions quickly and effectively. They are undoubtedly fit for leadership roles as they have strong and natural organizational skills.

They know how to take control of a group as they like to keep everything structured and ordered, they are also good at directing and supervising people. They accurately build a plan of action and quickly understand what needs to be accomplished.

ENTJs bring the best version of people to the table. With their strong leadership and communication skills, suitable career options for ENTJs can be management, company CEO, entrepreneur, business analyst, software developer, scientist, professor, and lawyer. 

3. Friendship 

ENTJs love interacting and socializing with people which makes their social circle big. They have strong communication skills which attract people towards them and the best part about them is that they don’t take things personally. They tend to maintain the easiest friendship skills with people who share mutual views and interests. They might struggle to have friendships with people who are highly emotional, introverted, and sensitive. 

4. Parenting 

The parenting style of a commander or ENTJ personality is the easiest and most independent style as they allow their child to explore and pursue their curiosity. They often provide the reasoning, explanation, and understanding that helps in evolving. The best part is that they accurately know how to set limitations and rules with their children. 

I hope this blog helps you understand everything you want to know about ENTJ or commander personality type from MBTI. Do not forget to share this blog with the people who strike your mind when you think of the commander personality type. 

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