Podcast Ep.1 “Channeling Positivity”

Last Update on January 28, 2020 : Published on January 24, 2020
Channeling Positivity

This podcast means to spread the ways of finding positivity which is hidden somewhere in us. With our expert, you will find that those who are facing depression shall not feel low, rather find ways within themselves and surroundings to kill the negativity. She will guide you some of the basic but most important ways to mend in life and stay happily positive for life. Learn from her experiences and help yourself in every step of your life.


  1. Raaz

    Effective exchange of thoughts, hope to see more on my next visits.

  2. Imroz

    Totally agree with Akanksha. Reflecting on yourself everyday is the key. This gives you the chance to recall the best moments of the day as well as things you can work on to make it a best moment and a better person.

  3. Yashpal Soni
    Yashpal Soni

    Super se bhi upar!!

  4. Johnmerchant

    One of the best podcast i ever listen for positivist.

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